Exclusive Exact National Chain Box Office Numbers of Day Two Of Laal Singh Chaddha And Rakshabandhan,WRITING IS ON THE WALL

Like yesterday again we bring you EXCLUSIVE box office numbers of national multiplex chains which contributed 60-65% yesterday to total and full day numbers.

Going by the trends, both films are struggling badly at box office. Aamir Khan starrer Laal Singh Chaddha is heading for disaster status with further drop after poor opening day number. Akshay Kunar starrer Rakshabandhan will grow today and over the weekend but film is not going anywhere with such low opening number.

As per early trends, Laal Singh Chaddha will just touch 8 cr nett with 30% drop which means lifetime business will be less than 75 cr nett. Rakshabandhan will not cross 6.50-6.75 cr nett with drop by 15-20%%. Even this film too struggle to surpass big lifetime number. Following numbers were as of 3 pm :


Day 1: 1.70 crore
Day 2: 0.98 crore

Day 1: 0.90 crore
Day 2: 0.65 crore


Day 1: 1.00 crore
Day 2: 0.55 crore

Day 1: 0.65 crore
Day 2: 0.45 crore


Day 1: 0.65 crore
Day 2: 0.35 crore

Day 1: 0.44 crore
Day 2: 0.28 crore

Following are detail numbers of All India for day 1 & day 2:

Day 1 :

Laal Singh Chaddha 12 cr

Rakshabandhan 8.20 cr

Day 2 :

Laal Singh Chaddha 8.10 cr

Rakshabandhan 6.75 cr


Laal Singh Chaddha 20.10 cr

Rakshabandhan 14.95 cr

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