EXCLUSIVE: Adipurush Falls Short of Pathaan’s Weekend Box Office Numbers In Hindi By 35% And Overseas By Big 80%, A Comparative Analysis

The box office records between two highly anticipated films, Adipurush and Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan, has been a topic of discussion among moviegoers and industry insiders. While both films managed to gain impressive numbers, it is evident that Pathaan emerged as the clear winner in terms of box office collections over the opening weekend. Let’s delve into the numbers and analyze the performance of both films.

Adipurush Worldwide Box Office Collection

  1. Adipurush:
  • 1st Day: Adipurush witnessed a phenomenal start, raking in a staggering 110 crores, including preview shows.
  • 2nd Day: The collections saw a slight dip to 80 crores.
  • 3rd Day: Adipurush maintained consistency with another 80 crores.
  • Total Weekend Collection: Adipurush accumulated a commendable total of 270 crores domestically.
  • Adipurush’s Hindi Collection: Over the weekend, Adipurush gained 37 crores on the first day, followed by 38 crores on the second and third days, amounting to a cumulative total of 113 crores.
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Pathaan Worldwide Box Office Collections

  1. Pathaan:
  • 1st Day: Pathaan had a remarkable opening day, amassing an impressive 108 crores.
  • 2nd Day: The collections soared further, reaching 119 crores.
  • 3rd Day: Pathaan witnessed a marginal decline to 93 crores on the third day.
  • Total Weekend Collection: Pathaan secured a remarkable total of 320 crores domestically, surpassing Adipurush by a significant margin.
  • Pathaan’s Hindi Collection: In the Hindi market, Pathaan gained 57 crores on the first day, followed by 70 crores on the second day, and 39 crores on the third day, resulting in a cumulative total of 166 crores against 113 Crores of Adipurush.

Comparison And Analysis:

  1. Domestic Box Office Performance:
    Adipurush, despite having a bumper opening day, experienced a decline in collections on the subsequent days. On the other hand, Pathaan showcased remarkable consistency in its box office performance, with a higher opening day collection and a comparatively smaller drop on the third day. Pathaan’s weekend collection of 320 crores outperformed Adipurush’s 270 crores by a significant margin.
  2. Hindi Market Performance:
    Pathaan’s dominance over Adipurush extended to the Hindi market as well. With a cumulative collection of 166 crores, Pathaan surpassed Adipurush’s collection of 113 crores in Hindi by a considerable margin.
  3. Overseas Collection:
    Pathaan’s stronger performance in both the domestic and Hindi markets suggests a potential advantage in the international market as well. Pathaan collected 25.5 million USD (208 Crores) over weekend against Adipurush’s 5 million USD (41.5 crores).

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In the battle of the box office, Pathaan emerged as the clear winner over Adipurush, surpassing its weekend collections by a significant margin both domestically and in the Hindi market. The success of Pathaan highlights the star power and audience appeal associated with the film, making it a clear favorite among moviegoers worldwide. Shah Rukh Khan’s dominance speaks volume about his stardom.

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