Exclusive Box Office Update: Kannada Film Kantara Crosses 100 Crores In Kannada And Approaches 150 Crores Worldwide

Rishab Shetty’s Kantara is just getting stronger and stronger at the box office with all other dubbed versions performing well. Not just in India, but the film is finding appreciation in international markets as well. Thanks to it, the film is now the third highest-grossing Kannada film at the worldwide box office. Keep reading to know more.

After becoming a blockbuster in the Kannada version already, the Rishab Shetty directorial was dubbed and released in Tamil, Hindi and Telugu, which turned out to be the best decision taken by the makers. Already a big commercial success, these dubbed versions are providing a huge boost to the film. Film will hit 200 crore mark soon.

As we reported first that Kantara is one special film which is doing unimaginable at box office. It started slowly but gradual growth is simply outstanding at box office. It grew by 39% at Kannada box office collections and collected 62 cr nett plus in two weeks.

In Hindi, film collected 1.27 cr on day one as per official figure.

As per early trends, today film jumped by big number and it should collect 2.75 cr nett on day two. It again jumped today again and collected 3.50 cr nett. Film has 3 – day total of 7.52 cr nett.

Film held well and collected more than its Friday number though drop did happen due to lean pre Diwali period. Film collected 1.75 cr on Monday in Hindi which is better than Friday and today Tuesday was equally good with 1.88 cr nett followed by equally Wednesday and Thursday. Film has 1st week total of 15 cr nett and it has legs to cross of 25 cr of Karthikeya 2 in Hindi.

Following are collections in Hindi:

Friday – 1.27 cr

Saturday – 2.75 cr

Sunday – 3.50 cr

Monday -1.75 cr

Tuesday – 1.88 cr

Wednesday – 1.95 cr

Thursday – 1.90 cr

Total – 15 cr

Kantara had an excellent first week at the Kannada box office, collecting nearly Rs. 25 crores approx. The majority of this came from Karnataka, where the film collected Rs. 24.50 crores approx while the rest of India contributed another Rs. 40 lakhs.

The film had an extraordinary trajectory at the box office, with first-week almost tripling the first weekend when even doubling the weekend would have been way better than the norm. The weekdays were helped by the Dusshera holidays but even after the holidays ended on Wednesday, Thursday was still more than double the opening day and 30 per cent higher than Saturday.

Film added 4.25 cr nett on 2nd Friday followed by massive jump on Saturday with 6.25 cr number and 7.25 cr nett on Sunday. Film added 4.50 cr nett on Monday followed by 4.25 cr nett on Tuesday and today 4 cr nett. Film has added 26.50 cr in 2nd week in 5 days and should cross 33 cr nett in 2nd week.

Film added 5.85 cr nett on 3rd Friday followed by massive jump on Saturday with 13.50 cr nett. Film had huge Monday & Tuesday of 10 and 8 cr. Film added 14 cr more on Wednesday and Thursday. Film has total of 133 cr in 3 weeks at kannada box office.

The Kannada box office collections of Kantara at the Indian box office are as follows:

Friday – 1.60 crores
Saturday – 3 crores
Sunday – 4.25 crores
Monday – 3.40 crores
Tuesday – 4.10 crores
Wednesday – 5.50 crores
Thursday – 4.40 crores

Total Week One – 26.25 crores

2nd Week

Friday – 4.40 crores

Saturday – Rs. 6.50 crores
Sunday – Rs. 7.50 crores
Monday – Rs. 4.75 crores
Tuesday – Rs. 4.60 crores

Wednesday – Rs. 4.50 crores

Thursday – Rs. 4.25 crores

Total Week Two – 36.50 crores (39 % growth)

3rd Week

Friday – 6 cr

Saturday – 14 cr

Sunday – 17.75 cr

Monday – 10 cr

Tuesday – 8.25 cr

Wednesday – 7.50 cr

Thursday – 6.75 cr

Total – Rs. 134 cr

The territorial breakdown of the box office collections of Kannada version of Kantara is as follows:

Karnataka – Rs. 103.50 crores
AP / TS – Rs. 13.75 crores
Tamil Nadu / Kerala – Rs. 2.20 crores
North India – Rs. 14.75 crores

Total – Rs. 134.20 crores


1.5 million $ (12.31 cr)

Total Worldwide – 150 cr

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