Exclusive Day 16 3rd Saturday Box Office Update Hrithik And Saif Starrer Vikram Vedha Drops Big Under 1 Cr Nett, Below Par ! Numbers Inside

Vikram Vedha starring Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan released on 30th September. Film had considerable amount of pre release buzz and good reviews have helped the film to multiply the noise.

Film released in 4000 plus screens in India and 1600 plus screens overseas. It’s massive release for a film of this genre and it is because of huge cast. Film is expected to created some ripples at box office. But film failed to start big or jump over weekend and box office collections remained disappointing.

Film had poor marketing buzz as there was no unique activity or second trailer before the release. Also release date was bad as 2nd October was on Sunday and month end coupled with mid festivities pull down the film at box office. If it was released on 5th or this Friday then it could had been a different picture.

Film collected below par 10.58 cr nett , 12.51 cr nett and 13.85 cr nett on Friday, Saturday and Sunday respectively box office collection. Film had disappointing weekend of 36.94 cr nett box office collections and this was shocking considering rather good reviews and decent word of mouth.

Film collected 1 million $, 950 k $ and 713 k $ over the weekend in overseas with total of 2.67 million $ (21.74 cr). Overseas total is fair considering numbers in India and post pandemic times but box office collection worldwide are below par.

Film collected strictly average 58 cr nett plus in week one and it needed strong week two but film failed with massive drop and collected 15.30 cr nett.

Film dropped by 78% plus in 2nd week from 1st week and collected 15.30 cr nett. Film had total of 73.87 cr nett after two weeks and staring at underwhelming finish of under 80 cr nett lifetime.

Today due to many new releases, film dropped further on 3rd Friday and collected 75 lacs nett. Film grew today and collected 1.05 cr nett. Now with decent jump tomorrow it can collect 3.5 cr nett weekend and maximum 5-6 cr nett it will add to total.

Following are the Hindi box office collection worldwide breakdown:


Day 1 : 10.58 cr nett

Day 2: 12.51 cr nett (18% growth)

Day 3: 13.85 cr nett (11 % growth)

Day 4: 5.39 cr nett (50 % drop from Friday)

Day 5: 5.77 cr nett (8% jump)

Day 6: 7.21 cr nett (33% jump)

Day 7: 3.26 cr nett (47% drop)

Total Week One : 58.57 cr nett

Week Two:

Day 8: 2.54 cr nett

Day 9: 3.94 cr nett

Day 10: 3.96 cr nett

Day 11: 1.47 cr nett

Day 12: 1.28 cr nett

Day 13: 1.03 cr nett

Day 14: 1.09 cr nett

Total Week Two : 15.30 cr nett

Week Three:

Day 15: 0.75 cr nett

Day 16: 1.05 cr nett

Grand Total: 75.67 cr nett

Overseas breakdown (including paid previews):

Day 1 : $ 1.003mn
Day 2 : $ 950K
Day 3 : $ 713K
Day 4 : $ 308K
Day 5 : $ 305K

Day 6: $ 189k

Day 7 : $ 162K

Week One Total : $ 3.66 million [Rs. 29.79 cr]

Day 8: $ 273k

Day 9: $ 302k

Day 10: $ 285k

Day 11: $ 115k

Day 12 : $ 81k

Day 13: $ 64k

Day 14: $45k

Week Two Total: $ 1 million

Grand Total : $ 4.668 million $ [Rs 39.01 cr]

India Gross : 89.50 cr

Total Worldwide gross : Day 128.51 cr approx

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