Exclusive: Day 19 3rd Tuesday Box Office Update Mani Ratnam’s Ponniyin Selvan 1 Will Crosses 325 Cr Domestic Gross By End Of Week And 500 Cr Worldwide Gross By Next Weekend ! All Time Blockbuster

Ponniyin Selvan 1 recorded a huge opening day at Tamil box office and the Indian box office, grossing maseive numbers yesterday. The opening day Tamil Tollywood box office collections are the highest of ahead of Beast, Valimai and Vikram.

Filmmaker Mani Ratnam’s magnum opus Ponniyin Selvan 1 has smashed all records and grossed a whopping Rs 80 crore worldwide gross. This makes it the biggest ever opening day for any Tamil film. Ponniyin Selvan 1 – the Tamil period drama is a two-part magnum opus which is written, directed and co-produced by Mani Ratnam and Allirajah Subaskaran under Lyca Productions. 

Here is the Tamil movie box office report! PS-I collected Rs. 24.25 crores approx in Tamil Nadu on its first day, making it the highest opener ever for a film not featuring the big three of Kollywood; Vijay, Ajith and Rajini, beating Vikram (Rs. 21.70 crores) which took the record earlier this year. The numbers could have gone further higher, likely over Rs. 40 crores, if not for the competition from Dhanush starrer Naane Varuvean which took away some showcasing from the film.

Film collected 114 cr over weekend in india with 68 cr in Tamil Nadu, 15 cr in Telugu,12.40 cr in Karnataka, 9.50 cr in Kerala and 9’cr in North.

Film collected 5 million $, 4.5 million $ and 2.5 million $ with total of 12 million $ (99 cr) weekend. Film collected 80 cr, 72 cr and 61 cr gross worldwide over weekend with total of 213 cr worldwide.

Film again help strong on Monday and Dussera holidays are helping film big time in south. Film collected 24.50 cr All India Gross with 17 cr in Tamil Nadu and 1.20 cr nett in Hindi. Film added 28.50 cr today all India, out of which 22 cr in Tamil Nadu and thus crossing 104 cr. Film collected 27.50 cr in India with jump on Wednesday due to festivals. Film dropped on Thursday and collected 23.50 cr all India.

Film again collected massive 8.21 cr, 14.15 cr and 15.83 cr over 2nd weekend in Tamil Nadu. Film collected 13 cr, 19.50 cr and 22 cr over 2nd weekend in India. Film added 7 cr, 6.25 cr, 5.25 cr, 4.50 cr on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Film has crossed 78 cr in 2nd week and still has legs for 3rd week. Film added 6 cr over Friday and Saturday over 3rd Friday and Saturday followed by solid 3.25 cr Monday and 3 cr Tuesday.

Film has crossed 322 cr gross in India and 488 worldwide gross which means it will cross 325 cr gross in India by Thursday and 500 cr worldwide gross by Sunday if not before.

With these numbers, Ponniyin Selvan 1 has surpassed Vikram’s to become the highest-grossing film from the Tamil industry in 2022. With still some fuel left in the tank, let’s see how far it goes.

Film is now highest grossing Tamil film ever and by footfalls it is only second to Baahubali 2 which it should cross next week.

It has still gas in tank to add few more numbers in this week.

The box office collections of Ponniyin Selvan at the Indian box office are as follows:

Following is the breakdown of territories and Tamil box office collection:

Tamil Nadu – Rs. 210.75 crores
AP/TS – Rs. 27.30 crores
Karnataka – Rs. 29.60 crores
Kerala – Rs. 25.50 crores
North India – Rs. 28.85 crores

Total – Rs. 322.25 crores

1st Week:

Friday – Rs. 38.50 crores
Saturday – Rs. 35.75 crores
Sunday – Rs. 39 crores
Monday – Rs. 24.75 crores

Tuesday – Rs. 27.50 crores

Wednesday – Rs. 27 crores

Thursday – Rs. 23.50 crores

Total Week One – Rs. 215.75 crores

2nd Week:

Friday – Rs. 13.25 crores

Saturday – 19.50 crores

Sunday – 22.25 crores

Monday – 7 crores

Tuesday – 6.25 crores

Wednesday – 5.25 crores

Thursday – 4.50 crores

Total Week Two – 78.25 crores

3rd Week:

Friday – 4.25 crores

Saturday – 8 crores

Sunday – 9.75 crores

Monday – 3.25 crores

Tuesday – 3 crores

Grand Total – 322.25 crores

Total Hindi breakdown:

Day 1 – Rs. 1.85 crore
Day 2 – Rs. 2.50 crore
Day 3 – Rs. 3.25 crore
Day 4 – Rs. 1.40 crore
Day 5 – Rs. 1.75 crore
Day 6 – Rs. 2.50 crore
Day 7 – Rs. 1 crore
Day 8 – Rs. 75 lakh
Day 9 – Rs. 1.50 crore

Day 10- Rs. 2.10 crore

Day 11 – Rs. 1.10 crores

Day 12 – Rs. 0.90 crores

Day 13 – Rs. 0.70 crores

Day 14 – Rs. 0.50 crores

Day 15 – Rs. 0.20 crores

Day 16 – Rs. 0.30 crores

Day 17 – Rs. 0.35 crores

Day 18 – Rs. 0.15 crores

Day 19 – Rs. 0.10 crores

Total: Rs. Rs. 20.90 crore

Total : 19.80 million $ (164 cr)

Worldwide Gross : 488 cr

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