EXCLUSIVE: The Kerala Story Is Heading For 300 Cr Gross In 6th Week! Blockbuster

The Kerala Story released weeks back and proved to be a surprise blockbuster with amazing opening of 8 cr nett and 81 cr nett in week one followed by 171 cr nett after two weeks and 214 cr nett after 3 weeks. Film is a rage in north and west India with tax free status boosting it further. Film demolished all new films and competition on 2nd week, 3rd week and then on 4th Friday too by clear margin. Now 5th week holds the key in order to beat lifetime box office collections of The Kashmir Files

The Kerala Story Holds Big On 5th Weekend, Crosses 235 Cr Nett

After collecting massive numbers via super solid trending on weekdays, film collected 81.14 cr nett in week one. Film collected super solid 55.60 cr nett over 2nd weekend and 89.45 cr nett in 2nd week. This was 10% higher than 1st week. Film was super strong with exceptional trending and collected 42.88 cr nett in 3rd week which was 55% drop from week two. 

Film started 4th week with a bang and film collected 2.50 cr nett. Film jumped on 4th Saturday and collected 4.25 cr nett followed by 4.75 cr nett on Sunday too. Film added 11 cr nett over 4th weekend . Film added 1.85 cr nett on 4th Monday, 1.80 cr nett on 4th Tuesday, 1.60 cr nett on 4th Wednesday and 1.50 cr nett on 4th Thursday. Film collected 18.25 cr nett in 4th week.

Film continued to add in 5th week despite new releases and collected 3 cr nett plus. Film collected 6.75 cr nett in 5th week. Film has total of 238.47 cr nett plus and now film is heading for lifetime collection 242-243 cr nett India and worldwide 300 cr gross. A massive blockbuster!

All India Blockbuster Box Office Collections For The Kerala Story:

1st Week:

Friday: 8.05 cr

Saturday: 11.01 cr

Sunday : 16.43 cr

Monday: 10.03 cr 

Tuesday: 11.07 cr

Wednesday: 12.01 cr 

Thursday: 12.54 cr 

1st Week Total: 81.14 cr Nett

2nd Week: 

Friday: 12.35 cr 

Saturday: 19.50 cr 

Sunday: 23.75 cr 

Monday: 10.30 cr 

Tuesday: 9.65 cr 

Wednesday: 7.90 cr 

Thursday: 6 cr 

2nd Week Total: 89.45 cr Nett

3rd Week:

Friday: 6.60 cr

Saturday: 9.15 cr

Sunday: 11.50 cr 

Monday: 4.50 cr

Tuesday: 3.50 cr 

Wednesday: 3.40 cr 

Thursday: 3.10 cr 

3rd Week Total: 42.88 cr Nett

4th Week:

Friday: 2.50 cr 

Saturday: 4.25 cr

Sunday: 4.75 cr 

Monday: 1.85 cr 

Tuesday: 1.80 cr 

Wednesday: 1.60 cr 

Thursday: 1.50 cr 

4th Week Total: 18.25 cr Nett

5th Week:

Friday: 1 cr

Saturday: 1.40 cr

Sunday: 2 cr

Monday: 0.65 cr

Tuesday: 0.60 cr

Wednesday: 0.60 cr

Thursday: 0.50 cr

4th Week Total: 6.75 cr Nett

Total: 238.47 cr Nett

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About The Kerala Story: 

The Adah Sharma-starrer The Kerala Story centers around alleged religious indoctrination in Kerala and how Hindu and Christian women are being targeted by radical Islamic clerics. The movie claims that these women were converted to Islam and later sent to countries like Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria “to fight for the cause of Islam”.

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