The Family Man 2 Review: It is tighter, funnier and more intriguing!

It is tighter, funnier and more intriguing.

Show: The Family Man Season 2

Creator: Raj & DK

Cast: Manoj Bajpayee, Samantha Akkineki, Pariyamani, Sharib Hashmi, Sharad Kelkar, Shreya Dhanwanthry, Sundeep Kishan, Gul Panag

Rating: 4


Srikant is caught in a web of geopolitical intrigue when a group of Sri Lankan Tamil rebels concocts a plan to assassinate the prime minister of India, and uses his teenage daughter as bait to get him out of the way.


The Family Man 2 answers the cliffhanging question of Orion chemical gas leak disaster from the first season and then takes off to a roller coaster ride interweaved with Tamil insurgents and ISI. It takes lot of real inspirations from 80’s political scenario down south and in Sri Lanka. Small cultural details depicting southern region are so perfect and that is a rarity for a series in India. Twists and turns are well knitted and everything looks natural and at the same time, keeps the proceedings interesting. Writers have done a tremendous job in taking second season a notch higher.

Bajpayee is in a stellar form yet again – his every move, emotion, dialogue is pitch perfect. His role gets even more complex in this season since he has to balance family and profession on a tighter rope but his antics in his corporate job in the first three episodes are priceless!

Samantha is certainly a breakthrough star of this season and probably delivers performance of a lifetime. You can’t take your eyes off her and her intense act will get her all possible awards next year. The actor playing Manoj Bajpayee’s boss in corporate office is our personal favorite, simply hilarious!

Several others are noteworthy — the actors cast as the Tamil rebels, an informer, a misguided teen, the Prime Minister, her aide, and the officers in Chennai — the most memorable being Ravindra Vijay and Devadarshini.


This is easily one of the first shows in India which managed to break second season jinx after the disappointing sequels of Sacred Games and Mirzapur. It is tighter, funnier and more intriguing. It again leaves you on a note where you will expect something crazier in third season and we can not wait for it already!

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