Weekend watchlist: Check out these new OTT releases to binge this weekend!

Here’s a quick rundown of the series and movies to look out for this week on streaming platforms.

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For the last week of November, there are a few fascinating OTT releases planned. Here’s a quick rundown of the series and movies to look out for this week on streaming platforms.


Vishal Furia himself directed the official version of the Marathi film Lapachhap. It tells the story of a pregnant mother who must protect her unborn child from numerous perils. On the surface, the film appears to be a survival story about a pregnant lady who must escape the horrors of a haunted mansion. However, if you scratch under the surface, it’s also a story about the horrors done by a mindless society.

The story is set in a village and takes place in a house in the middle of a field, and it avoids the typical tropes of the genre. The majority of the scenes are actually shot in daylight, avoiding the gloomy darkness that horror films are known for. Vishal has made a few changes to the original to make it more accessible to a wider audience.

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Hiccups and Hookups:

The sitcom has been dubbed “India’s first ever daring and progressive family show” by its creators. The series’ central theme is the sibling bond. It shows how modern-day brothers and sisters look out for each other and talk about anything with each other, including some supposedly forbidden topics.

The story follows a recently divorced single mother who lives with her brother and kids. The sassy series allows audience to embrace a dysfunctional family without condemnation. While raising a teenage daughter, the main characters guide each other through the chaotic world of dating. They can share the good, terrible, and ugly elements of their relationships with each other because they are involved.

The show will be available in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali, among other languages.


This is a narrative about sibling feelings, as the title suggests. It’s both heartfelt and upbeat. It’s about a young man who travels to a faraway nation in order to get enough money to pay for his sick sister’s treatment. Being separated from a loved one is challenging enough, but being so far away from a physically ill sister makes it even more difficult. But, unfortunately, she passes away. He’s free to return now. But at what cost? Now he’s on a new adventure to reassemble the parts of his shattered life. The film’s strength is that it avoids being entangled in a tangle of emotions. It’s both sincere and honest.

The film is a loose version of Marathi film Happy Journey by Sachin Kundalkar.

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This political drama has already been seen in theaters. It received positive feedback from prominent politicians in the two Telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

According to sources, the film would be webcast with director Deva Katta’s comments. According to reports, this is the first film in India to be broadcast with director’s expositions. Director Deva Katta will discuss his screenplay with editor Praveen KL, screenplay writer Kiran, and creative producer Satish BKR in the commentary.

Audience can opt to watch the film without the commentary if they prefer. In a republic, the film examines the roles of government officials, politicians, and the general public. The film is hard-hitting without being censorious or over-the-top.

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