Weekend watchlist: Check out these new OTT releases to binge this weekend!

Our list is a truly diverse selection today. Keep reading to know!

This is Money Heist Week, as we all know (Season 5 Volume 2). However, it is not mentioned in our weekly list. There’s also other popular online series in these parts, which is in its third season. Here, we’re talking about Inside Edge. We also have some distinct films, and when we say distinct, we mean it.

Our list is a truly diverse selection today. Keep reading to know!

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Bob Biswas:

The murderous villain has become a hero. That is a fascinating twist. The terrifying contract killer, who had an eight-minute cameo in the 2012 thriller Kahaani, has now been given the title role. As it turns out, the man who works as an insurance agent during the day but is a brutal killer has lost his memory. It’s unclear whether Bob’s story will connect to Vidya’s from Kahaani.

Abhishek Bachchan, who plays the titular character, has spoken about the character’s contradictions someone so unassuming, kind, and delicate yet performing such a cold-hearted job. It’s what drew him to the role in the first place. It’s also what draws us in.

Chithirai Swvvaanam:

Pooja Kannan, Sai Pallavi’s younger sister, makes her acting debut in the film. The film, which is based on the infamous Pollachi sex scandal that rocked Tamil Nadu a few years ago, has the potential to be a gut blow. A touching story about a daughter and her father is woven into this story.

The contrast between a horrible occurrence and a loving relationship is both sad and compelling in the film. Rima Kallingal, a Malayalam actress, plays a female cop who faces numerous hurdles. The film is directed by Stunt Silva, a well-known stunt actor.

Cobalt Blue:

Prateik Babbar was recently seen in a sibling drama (Hiccup and Hookups). He’s now engrossed in yet another storey with the same basic theme —- but from a completely different perspective. Cobalt Blue tells the story of a brother and sister who fall in love with the same man, based on Sachin Kundalkar’s best-selling novel of the same name. It is set in the early 1990s and examines the numerous colours of love and relationships. It also looks at how love can flip a traditionally conservative family on its head.

In this finely made video, Sachin Kundalkar presents a visual version of his own words, based on his own 2006 Marathi novel. In the midst of all the big-budget commercial films, it’s a refreshing independent watch.

Money Heist 2:

Prepare to say ‘Bella Ciao,’ because ‘Money Heist,’ also known as ‘La Casa De Papel,’ will be ending on December 3. People have been rooting for the Professor and his gang of misfits, who have quickly become the face of the resistance, striving to overcome all hurdles, in the renowned Spanish series on Netflix.

Inside Edge 3:

Inside Edge, one of India’s most underappreciated online shows, is back with a new season that seems just as intriguing as the previous ones. It will be streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The third season of the show, created by Karan Anshuman and directed by Kanishk Varna, will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on December 3. It stars Vivek Oberoi, Richa Chadha, among others.

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These are ideal times to binge watch films and series as the year draws to a close and the Christmas spirit sets in. That is something that our list of suggestions should be able to assist you with. Happy watching!

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