Weekend watchlist: Check out these new OTT releases to binge this weekend!

Prithviraj Sukumaran now has three straight-on-the-OTT releases in a row with Bhramam. And they’ve all been available on Amazon Prime. Cold Case and Kuruthi were his prior releases on it. This version of the Hindi classic Andhadhun is the first of a wave of new releases on India’s OTT platforms this week.

This week’s weekly list is dominated by films from India’s south. We have three Tamil films and two Telugu films in addition to Bhramam. Devadas Brothers, Endravadhu Oru Naal, and Appathava Aattaya Pottutanga make up the Tamil cast. Raja Raja Chora and Itlua Amma are the Telugu releases.


Because the film’s director, Uma Maheshwar Rao C, is a National Award winner, you can expect it to be serious and reasonable. The story follows a bereaved woman who is fighting for her son against a callous society. It’s a sweet and moving story, and the trailer suggest that the film is about universal parenting.

The mother is played by Revathi, a seasoned actress with a long list of credits. She will, without a doubt, offer a special decency to the character of the struggling mother. How she develops from a traditional mother to a feisty woman who defies the forces that be with tenacity and zeal. It may not be a film to watch casually or as a way to pass the time.


Haasan plays the lead role in the film. It isn’t, however, Kamal Haasan. In fact, in the trailer, his brother Chandrahasan is portrayed as the leading man. Chandrahasan, alas, is no longer with us. He died a few years ago. This should indicate that the film has taken some time to reach the general public.

The film, which has a charming title, is about an elderly guy eloping with his (old) girlfriend, and his group of friends rescuing them from young men and women who oppose their union. It’s a reversal of the typical plot and its issues. The film tackles a serious issue —- old age love —- and does so in a lighthearted manner.


The film has screened at a number of film festivals and received positive feedback. A widowed mother sets out to retrieve two bullocks that had been seized by a usurious moneylender.

The film depicts the tribulations of poor village labourers at the hands of greedy loan sharks who use money power to function as law unto themselves. When it comes to depicting rural life, the film gets the local vernacular (Coimbatore language) right and gives off an honest vibe. The film is masterfully carried on Ramya Nambeesan’s thin shoulder, while the hero, Vidhath, appears just for about 45 minutes in the flashback. It’s a film that makes you think about subjects you’ve never thought about before.


In Indian cinema, Devadas is the story of a legendary hapless lover whose life ended in a bohemian tragedy. Devadas is a film about the failure of love. This film is about a group of guys who find brotherhood after believing they have been jilted by their individual girl pals, as the title suggests.

The clichés of such films are well-known, but what makes them work are the set pieces of adolescent romance, the pains of separation, and the heaps of humour that such lives produce. The Devadas Brothers appear to be in the same boat as the others on the list. Though the politically correctness commissars have criticised a part of the film.

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