No Time To Die: Here’s everything you need to know about James Bond before film’s release

Here are five things you should know about the man with a license to kill.

The 25th official Bond film, “No Time to Die,” maintains the franchise’s standing as one of the most popular in the world. The film, which will be Daniel Craig’s final appearance as the super spy, will have its release on September 30 in India. Here are five things you should know about the man with a license to kill.

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1. Born On Paper:

Author Ian Fleming chose the name James Bond from the cover of a Jamaican bird-watching book because he wanted something as ordinary as possible. After serving in naval intelligence during World War II, Fleming was able to draw on a wealth of real-life experiences. Operation Goldeneye, intended at damaging relations between Spain and Germany, was one of Commander Fleming’s most important missions, and it gave him the name for his Jamaican home and inspired the 1995 film.

His debut novel, “Casino Royale,” was published in 1953 and was a major escapist sensation in a time when Britain was suffering from post-war rationing and misery. He went on to write 13 additional Bond books, as well as the children’s storey “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,” which was adapted into a hit musical for his son.

He died in 1964 at the age of 56, just two years after the first Bond film released.

2. Box Office Success:

Despite having a shorter lifespan than other franchises like as King Kong and Godzilla, it is possibly the most constant, with instalments rarely lasting longer than two or three years. The biggest gap was between Timothy Dalton’s last film, “Licence to Kill,” in 1989 and Pierce Brosnan’s (shown) 1995 film, “Goldeneye.” Amazon paid $8.45 billion for the Bond rights from MGM this year, demonstrating the franchise’s great value.

3. International Agent:

Englishmen Daniel Craig and Roger Moore (left), Scotsman Sean Connery, Australian George Lazenby, Welsh Timothy Dalton, and Irishman Pierce Brosnan have all played James Bond over the last 60 years. Bond is the son of a Scottish father and a Swiss mother, both of whom died in a climbing accident when Bond was a youngster, according to the novels.

4. Codenames:

Codenames: “007” is a codename with a special meaning. The agent’s licence to murder is denoted by the “00,” and his identify within MI6, Britain’s external intelligence service, is denoted by the “7.” Bond’s boss is designated by the letter M, which originates from the “Missions Department.” Q draws his moniker from “quartermaster,” a military phrase for the person in charge of supplies, who provides Bond with all of his fancy gadgets. The bad guys have codenames of their own. SPECTRE stands for “Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion,” the organisation that gives Bond so much difficulty.

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5. A famous fan:

President John F Kennedy, who named “From Russia With Love” as one of his top ten books, was one of the early supporters of Bond. It was also said to be the last film he saw before departing for Dallas in November 1963.

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