After Pakistani singer claims rights to the song, now a man claims even the script of JugJugg Jeeyo is shamelessly copied, share screenshots of email to Dharma Productions

JugJugg Jeeyo has been dogged by controversy since its debut.

The trailer for Karan Johar’s Jug Jugg Jeeyo, starring Varun Dhawan, Kiara Advani, Anil Kapoor, and Neetu Kapoor and produced by Dharma Productions, was unveiled on Sunday, May 22 to considerable fanfare. And the film has been dogged by controversy since its debut.

While the trailer was well received by the audience for its comedic take on failed marriages, a screenwriter named Vishal A. Singh claimed in a series of tweets on his Twitter account that Dharma Productions had copied his story titled Bunny Rani, which he had mailed to the production house, into Jug Jugg Jeeyo.

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“Had registered a story.. #BunnyRani with @swaindiaorg in January 2020. I had officially mailed @DharmaMovies in February 2020 for an opportunity to co-produce with them. I even got a reply from them. And they have taken my story.. and made #JugJuggJeeyo. Not fair @karanjohar”, read Vishal’s tweet.

He further provided the screenshots of his mail to Dharma Productions adding that he will lodge an official complaint against the company. Sharing the photos he wrote, “Please read extract of the synopsis of #BunnyRani I had mailed to @DharmaMovies in Feb 2020. And then go on to watch the #JugJuggJeeyo trailer and judge by yourself.”

His further tweet read, “Am aware that what happened with me is happening in the #HindiCinema industry all the time. That doesn’t mean.. I should shut up? I have chosen to raise the flag coz I want this malpractice to stop. This can’t go on forever. #BunnyRani #JugJuggJeeyo.”

Concluding his Twitter thread, Vishal asked Karan Johar to start the truth and reconciliation process to resolve the matter as he wrote, “If what am saying is wrong.. @DharmaMovies should act strongly against me? And if am right.. #Dharma and @karanjohar
should start the #TruthAndReconciliation process. If #HindiCinema has to prosper.. serious issues can never operate in grey zone? What do you think?”.

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