Akshay Kumar’s Cinderella to premiere as an OTT series after failing to get good deal as a film?

Mission Cinderella, a cop-based thriller starring Akshay Kumar and Rakul Preet Singh, was previously speculated to have a direct-to-digital premiere on Disney+ Hotstar. The official remake of Tamil classic Ratsasan, directed by Ranjit Tiwari, is now in post-production. And now, we have we got to know that the filmmakers are attempting a novel strategy for this thriller.

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“The story beautifully lends itself to the episodic format of filmmaking, and hence, the entire team is currently trying to tweak the edit to make it a limited episode OTT series. If need be, they are ready to shoot some of the portions again to keep the episode on a cliffhanger. Basically, the makers are looking to position it as Akshay Kumar’s digital debut in the episodic format,” revealed a source to Pinkvilla.

“They don’t wish to dilute the impact of this story, which holds the viewer on the edge of their seat until the end. However, there is also a talk on how the longer format will give the director some more time to establish the psych of his characters in a better way. It’s all in the early stages, but if everything materialises, Cinderella would make a debut as an OTT original series,” the source further informed.

“It could premiere as a film, as a series or possibly both the versions, giving viewers a chance of selecting based on their taste of consuming entertainment. While the series would have some additional footage, the film would be short a crisp, much like the original,” the source concluded.

However, releasing Cinderella as an OTT series rather than a film appears to be a business strategy by the makers, as it will enjoy a higher level of success if offered as an OTT series rather than a film.

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