Anurag Kashyap Talks About SRK’s Crazy Stardom; ‘People will flock to the theaters to watch his film on the First Day even today’

Recently, filmmaker Anurag Kashyap explained why Bollywood has lost its star culture and why the audience has become a difficult force while interacting with a media channel.

“I have realized that by the end of the day films will work only when it speaks to you or the audience. Earlier, the audience used to be driven by stars. Now things are different. Because when you see the latest trolls, you understand that social media empowers people with opinions. Previously, you were unable to react to the actors as you only saw them on screens. Now, you can literally go and sh*t on them,” said Kashyap while speaking to Galatta Plus.

The filmmaker further explains why the star system is gone for Bollywood and the audience is more bothered about the content rather than the actor.

Speaking about the madness South Fans have for their actors, Kashyap thinks Shah Rukh Khan still has that stardom left in him.

“People are mad about SRK. They want to see his films on the first day itself. If the film fails, the same people will reject the film like anything. But they are ultimately desperate for the actor’s next film. See, everybody loves Shah Rukh because of his persona and personality. At the same time, they can equally hate him. It is the actor’s responsibility to make the fans’ life joyful.”

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