Ayushmann Khurrana Remembers How He Was Rejected From Indian Idol Same Day As Neha Kakkar, Both Get Nostalgic On An Action Hero Promotions ! Video Inside

Ayushmann Khurana is currently one of the most sought-after performers in the business despite being an outsider with no connections to the film industry. Many people find encouragement in his ups and downs-filled journey.

The most of us are aware that Khurrana made his television debut in the reality series MTV Roadies. Khurrana spent a long time waiting to live out his ambition of becoming an actor, transitioning from being an RJ to a VJ and then to the latter. The actor who has also crooned songs like Pani Da Rang and Mitti Di Khushboo among others and the man whose hypnotic voice has us all in awe went through the same audition process as Neha Kakkar and got rejected !

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“Main aur Neha ek hi din reject hue the Indian Idol se. Aur hum train mein vapas ja rahe the – Bombay se Dilli – Hum 50 log the aur ek sath to rahe the.”
“Neha aaj judge hai aur main yaha par aaya hun. So it just really means a lot,” Ayushmaan said. Neha Kakkar competed in Indian Idol’s second season, for the uninitiated.

Neha giggled as the other judges praised the two when she heard them say the same. After winning the second season of Roadies in 2004 and beginning a career in anchoring, Ayusmann’s career gained momentum. Vicky Donor marked his Bollywood debut, which he didn’t make until 2012. Neha Kakkar was one of the 12 finalists in the second season of Indian Idol in 2005. Stay tuned with box office World Wide for latest news, hindi box office news, Bollywood news, ott news, latest bollywood news and latest box office news.

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