Booming Theatres: INOX Discloses F & B Sales, Sold 863 Tonnes Of Popcorn And 19.38 Lakh Samosas To Cinema-Goers In 2022!

Nowadays, watching a movie in the theater without munching on popcorn, samosas, or other snacks would be incomplete. The amount of samosas, popcorn, cold beverages, etc. served everyday at theaters must be considerable with so many patrons watching movies every day.

Now, Inox has presented its first ever intriguing report in this regard that provides not only a city-by-city comparison of the food and beverage sales at their 167 movie halls across the 74 cities of India, but also offers a fair notion about the quantity of food and beverage units sold.

According to the cinema food report released by Inox for the year 2022, a massive 863 tons of popcorn was sold out of which 7.88 metric tons of it was sold in Mumbai only. Mumbaikars ate more popcorn than their counterparts in 29 cities like Mysuru, Nagpur, Kolhapur, Belgaum, Nashik, Ghaziabad, Kanpur etc.

Patrons bought 19.38 lakh samosas throughout the year of which 10.70% were sold in Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad. The weight of the number of units sold of the nachos was equivalent to 2.5 Boeing 737-800 aircraft in which 11.25% of it were sold in their theaters in Bengaluru.

3,38,859 puffs and 82 tons of fries were consumed by patrons in Inox theaters this year. Kolkata topped the list of the city where patrons guzzled 3.43 lakh liters out of 38.15 lakh liters of cold beverages. 20.28 lakh cups of hot beverages, 5.16 lakh sandwiches, 2.86 lakh burgers and 10.96 lakh pieces of dim-sums were sold by the multiplex chain in 2022. Interestingly, The Inox theaters in the capital of West Bengal sold 2.21 lakh momos.

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