Coronavirus Pandemic: Hrithik Roshan Extends Monetary Support To 100 Bollywood Dancers

Coronavirus Pandemic: Hrithik Roshan Extends Monetary Support To 100 Bollywood Dancers
Hrithik Roshan Extends Monetary Support To 100 Bollywood Dancers This Time

With the ongoing pandemic, the world has come to a standstill. Many businesses including the entertainment industry continue to remain closed. Amidst this scenario, actor Hrithik Roshan has been at the forefront in extending help to those who are in dire need.

Currently shooting of projects is at halt and the daily wage workers, dancers are the most affected.

On learning this from known Bollywood choreographer, Bosco, Hrithik Roshan deposited money into the accounts of these 100 Bollywood dancers, all of whom he has worked and performed with somewhere in the past.

Raj Surani, dancer coordinator for Bollywood songs shared, “Hrithik Roshan has aided 100 dancers in this difficult time. Several of them have travelled to their villages, while few are finding it difficult to pay rent and one dancer’s family has tested positive for Covid-19, Hrithik Roshan’s help to all of them has come at a very crucial time. Background dancers were overwhelmed with joy when they received SMSes stating that Hrithik Roshan had transferred money to their bank accounts. Dancers are extremely thankful to him for his support during Covid crisis”

Filled with gratefulness and appreciation, these dancers also took to their social media handle to thank the superstar for his support.

Ever since the pandemic started creating havoc, Hrithik has been donating his time and resources. Whether it was procuring  N95 and FFP3 masks for the BMC workers and caretakers or joining hands with a non-profit organisation ‘Akshaya Patra’, to provide meals to the needy and facilitating 1.2 lac meals for the underprivileged, he has proactively and consistently provided help.

Hrithik was also the first to reach out to the paparazzi community of the industry and extended monetary support to them. He was also a part of the ‘I’ for India initiative that focussed on generating donations for the affected.

While we dutifully partake social distancing, it’s heartwarming to see that Hrithik is extending support and has a big heart to help others in a variety of ways. It just proves that there’s plenty we can do to help make a difference.

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