ED has registered a money laundering case against Shilpa Shetty’s husband & businessman Raj Kundra

The Enforcement Directorate has now booked Raj Kundra, who was detained in the adult film racket case in July 2021. According to a recent story in India Today, the ED has filed a complaint against Shilpa Shetty’s husband, businessman Raj Kundra, in relation to the adult film racket case that broke last year. Kundra was apprehended by Mumbai Police in July 2021 and spent about two months in custody.

According to reports, after scrutinising financial transactions related to the scam, the ED filed a case against Kundra. The ED has looked into the transactions of everyone involved, not only Kundra. All of the accused’s information was gathered, and a case against Kundra was apparently filed last week.

While there is no word on when Kundra will be summoned, a report claims that questioning could begin next week. Many persons have been accused of being part in the adult film racket, including Kundra, who is suspected of defrauding aspiring models and actresses with promises of roles in web series or Bollywood films.

Under the guise of securing a Bollywood role, these aspiring actors and models were allegedly forced to shoot pornographic film content. According to previous accounts, these actors were blackmailed if they refused to shoot naked sequences. These pornographic videos were shot in rented bungalows or flats in locations such as Madh Island and Malad’s Aksa. These recorded footage were then allegedly uploaded to subscription-based applications controlled by Raj Kundra and his colleagues. Raj Kundra has kept a low profile in the public eye after his release on bail. Raj Kundra, in fact, always wears a full face mask and a sweatshirt when he leaves the house.

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