EXCLUSIVE: Sunny Deol’s History Of Clashes, Connection With Alphabet ‘G’ And Strings Of Hit Films

It’s exciting news that Sunny Deol has made a remarkable comeback with Gadar 2 , which is creating waves at the box office in India. The film’s success is even more remarkable considering it’s clashing with Akshay Kumar’s OMG 2, which is also enjoying strong box office numbers. Both movies have managed to strike a balance between critical acclaim and commercial success. Beyond these achievements, a fascinating connection emerges when we explore the unique pattern of Sunny Deol’s movie titles, all of which start with the letter “G.” This intriguing coincidence adds an extra layer of intrigue to his filmography.

Sunny Deol’s Box Office Clashes: The ‘G’ Factor

In an exclusive feature, we delve into Sunny Deol’s intriguing history of clashes at the box office and his remarkable connection with the alphabet ‘G,’ which seems to be a lucky charm for his films. This pattern becomes evident when we examine his filmography closely. Starting with the iconic Ghayal taking on Dil on the same day, followed by Ghatak clashing with Raja Hindustani just a week apart, and the legendary clash between Gadar and Lagaan on the same day, it’s clear that Sunny Deol’s movies with titles beginning with ‘G’ have a special significance. This unique trend continues with his latest venture, Gadar 2, going head-to-head with OMG 2, both sharing the same day of release. Interestingly, not only do Sunny Deol’s ‘G’ movies consistently make an impact, but the films clashing with them also tend to achieve a remarkable level of success. This uncanny connection between the alphabet ‘G,’ his film titles, and their clashes presents a captivating aspect of Sunny Deol’s cinematic journey.

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Interestingly, three of Sunny Deol’s movies, aside from Gadar 2, have clashed with Aamir Khan’s films. Starting with Ghayal versus “/Dil, followed by Ghatak versus Raja Hindustani, and the iconic clash of Gadar with Lagaan, there’s a distinct trend. This alignment highlights a unique connection between their releases, showcasing the intriguing interplay between Sunny Deol’s and Aamir Khan’s cinematic presence on the big screen.

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(A Week Apart)

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Gadar 2 Box office collections

Gadar 2 is rewriting the history at the box office, following in the footsteps of its iconic predecessor. The film’s opening day saw an impressive collection of 40.10 crore, setting a strong foundation. The positive trend continued with a 7% surge on Saturday, amassing 43.08 crore. The film’s box office performance soared to new heights on Sunday, with a remarkable 20% jump and a collection of 51.70 crore. While Monday experienced a 25% decline, the film’s total net collection has already reached an impressive 173.58 crore. It’s evident that Gadar 2 is on its way to recreating history, echoing the immense success that the original Gadar achieved.

About Gadar 2

The much-awaited movie Gadar 2, starring Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel, released on August 11. Interestingly, it is clashing with OMG 2, featuring Akshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi, and Yami Gautam, in the theaters. Both the films are sequels but both are contrasting in terms of genres

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