Fans Become Emotional As Tabu Comforts Irrfan’s Son Babil Khan. Watch The Video And Reactions Inside!

Irrfan's buddy and longtime partner Tabu gave Babil Khan a strong hug at the Thursday special screening of the Netflix movie.

 Babil Khan, the son of renowned actor Irrfan Khan, made his Bollywood debut in the Netflix feature Qala. This psychological drama, which is directed by Anvita Dutt, also prominently features Tripti Dimri and Swastika Mukherjee. Irfan’s friend and frequent co-star Tabu was spotted attending a private screening of the movie.

Irrfan’s buddy and longtime partner Tabu gave Babil Khan a strong hug at the Thursday special screening of the Netflix movie. Irrfan’s admirers broke down in tears as they saw them together in the web videos from the screening.

In the video, Babil can be seen sprinting over to embrace Tabu. She appeared emotional as she gave him a bear hug and ran her fingers through his hair because she, too, was overjoyed to finally meet him.

A fan wrote, “I might cry. I don’t talk much about what Tabu and Irrfan mean to me but I loved them and their cinema and THIS right here, matters!” “I just hope and pray he does so well and is given all the love and support from the industry. Good luck Babil,” said another fan. Third one remarked, “This made me cry, this is so emo (emotional) to watch them.” One more fan reacted, “That’s Babil?? Awwww.”

The mother of Babil and Irrfan’s spouse Sutapa Sikdar were also present for the movie premiere. Tripti Dimri, who plays Tripti in Qala, attended the event as well. The turbulent relationship between an aspiring singer (Tripti Dimri) and her controlling mother is the subject of this 1930s-era movie.

Babil recently discussed how his debut into movies will continue Irrfan’s legacy. In an interview, he said to Hindustan Times, “I am always comparing myself to the legacy…you know, bhaar hai (there is a weight on my shoulders). I am a person who wants to give the best when I am doing something. We shot this two years ago. I have grown as an actor a lot. So, I always wonder I wish I would have done this or that’. But I also believe that whatever art you make has its own journey and you can’t bring your own ego into it.”

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