Here Are The Four Nostalgic Shows That You Can Binge Watch On RIGHT NOW; Now Streaming!

Here Are The Four Nostalgic Shows That You Can Binge Watch On RIGHT NOW; Now Streaming!
Here Are The Four Nostalgic Shows That You Can Binge Watch On RIGHT NOW; Now Streaming!

Having ample amount of time at home, and an ocean of content to choose from, we have the perfect guide to shoo away the boredom with a walk down the memory lane, for you! After consuming some of the modern day content, here is a list of some old and classic shows that would surely make you travel back in time and what better to binge-watch and chill, while you’re home? Check out!

1) Shaktimaan : A timeless favourite and a show for one and all, this is captures the nerve of the audience as the first homegrown superhero drama. Shaktimaan received powers from seven gurus who trained and blessed him with “yogic shakti which was natural power.” Thus, after leaving his mortal body he was given a superhuman form to fight against the evil in the world as Shaktimaan. The shoe ran successfully from 1997-2005. Various films were also made and now, you can catch it on OTT platform- just a click away!

2) Zaban Sambhalke : Mohan Bharti teaches Hindi at the National Institute of Language. His students come from all over India and he constantly struggles to correct their understanding and pronunciation of Hindi words. This was one of the best comedy shows of all time that audiences wouldn’t miss a chance to watch. A comedy that would get tears of laughter in your eyes.

3) Malgudi Days : A classic which has no competition! Even in today’s time, people get their hearts full when they watch it. A show touching hearts and even after over three decades still stays as fresh as ever! The story revolves around the people living in the small town of Malgudi leading simple lives and face several trials of lives. The first episode was aired on 24th September 1986 ans guess what? You can totally stream it on your laptops or phones and watch it!

4) Fauji : Shah Rukh Khan brought this marvel as his wide introduction to the world! Follow new recruits as they begin their training to become commandos in the Indian Army; from the pranks they play on each other, to the punishments they receive from their officers, their daily struggles are shown. The show also marked Shah Rukh Khan’s debut on television in 1989 and you can watch this classic all over again.

Ah, too sweet a walk down the memory lane or your childhood? We give you all the reasons to not miss and relive again. Now after having nostalgia of all your favourite shows, you know where to hunt them in their own original form- head to Amazon Prime Videos now and make the most of this content as you stay-at-home, super safe! We are already getting our popcorns ready to binge watch.

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