Here’s Why ‘Four More Shots Please’ Is One Of The Most Awaited OTT Shows!

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Here’s Why ‘Four More Shots Please’ Is One Of The Most Awaited OTT Shows!

“Four More Shots Please!” is a series that has captured enormous fame among the audience ever since the first season was released. The show is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video and has received a lot of prominence on the OTT platform. The series is Amazon Prime Video’s first all-women protagonist Indian series.

Four More Shots Please is a heart-wrenching series of comedy, drama, and romance. The first season was really well received and acknowledged throughout the globe. The show has an unconventional story-line which makes OTT to be the ideal platform for it’s release.

OTT platforms have made it possible for the show to touch topics that could not be openly addressed otherwise.

Four More Shots Please revolves around four unapologetically flawed women as they live life, love and make mistakes. It talks about how the four women go through the thick and thin in life and still manage to keep each other empowered. The show is a roller coaster ride of emotions. It gives us a thrilling unconventional insight of four very different women each fighting their own individual battles and tackling life as it comes.

The series is filled with astonishing moments which grip the audience by the heart.

The second season is heavily awaited by fans and will certainly do exceedingly well on OTT.

The series will be aired on Amazon Prime Video. Mark your calendars everyone as the trailer releases on 31st March 2020 and the series releases on 17th April 2020.

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