John Abraham Brings On Board Nilesh Sahay And Harshvardhan Rane For An Actioner

John Abraham Brings On Board Nilesh Sahay And Harshvardhan Rane For An Actioner
John Abraham Brings On Board Nilesh Sahay And Harshvardhan Rane For An Actioner

John Abraham who’s one of the biggest action star  is also a great human being and many who have worked with him, will vouch for that.

Recently the actor was also instrumental in getting actor Harshvardhan Rane his first major action film which is produced  by Nilesh Sahay. Nilesh who has written, produced and directed Squad, the Massive Actioner that marks the Debut of Action Hero Rinzing Denzongpa is currently wrapping the film which is in post production. 

Nilesh who’s very close friends with John, was looking for an actor for his  ACTIONER that he is set to start by this year end. John recommended that he meets Harshvardhan and sees if he would be fit for the role. 

Nilesh was impressed with Harshvardhan when he met the actor and thought that the actor is perfect to headline his action film. Says Nilesh “John has one of the biggest fan base in the Action Genre and I take his suggestions very seriously, he was right about Harsh. I have interacted with Harsh , he has a lot of pent up rage which I plan to unleash and show people he’s all set for action.”

Ask Nilesh if he will direct the film and what’s it about, he says “at this point all is can say is that the film is an out an out Actioner, a non stop Adrenaline Rush”.   

The Yet untitled film is all set to go on floor by end of the year. 

Harsh who is busy till December, is extremely excited about the collaboration “ In Nilesh, I have found a filmmaker that lives, breaths and eats Action. He’s the rare few who wants to take audiences on a different ride. I was blown by his vision on the subject and looking forward to taking the audiences on an unforgettable ride”. He says.

John too is excited by this collaboration he says “ There are very few who understand Action the way Nilesh does, I have seen parts of Squad and he has delivered what he promised. I Suggested Harsh as he has the perfect balance to be a Serious player in the Action Genre. He will blow everyone way”.

Ask Nilesh who will star opposite Harsh, he says “it’s early to say however we recently signed a co management agreement with runway lifestyle , to find and develop new talent for all our entire slate, so let’s see.”

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