Know Why Salman Khan Dropped Ravindra Kaushik’s Biopic ‘The Black Tiger’. Check Inside! 

Salman has already been working on Tiger Franchise and doesn't want another spy film.

Earlier, it was reported that Raj Kumar Gupta will direct Salman Khan, who will be cast in spy thriller film ‘The Black Tiger’, which is Ravindra Kaushik’s biopic. It was shelved reportedly due to issues over rights. The latest bollywood news is that Salman has reportedly dropped Ravindra Kaushik’s Biopic ‘The Black Tiger’ because he has already been working on Tiger Franchise and doesn’t want another spy film.

“Salman Khan is already doing a spy film in the Tiger Franchise which will be growing from strength to strength in the years to come by. He didn’t want to do another spy film, which will lead to a comparison between the two characters. Interestingly, even the legendary Indian spy, Ravindra Kaushik had the code name Tiger, making things even more similar. Hence, after a series of discussions with his team, he let go off Black Tiger,” Bollywood Hungama quoted its source as saying.

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Kaushik infiltrated the Pakistan Army and reached till the rank of Major. He spied from 1975 to 1983. As per reports, Anurag Basu, known for “Life in a… Metro”, “Gangster”, “Barfi!”, and “Ludo” will direct and produce the film. Other producers are R Vivek, Asvin Srivatsangam and Divay Dhamija.

The film is believed as one of India’s greatest spies. Kaushik was called ‘Tiger’. Moreover, Salman Khan’s spy film was also titled ‘Ek Tha Tiger’. Kaushik’s kin have reportedly given their acknowledgement to the biopic. As per reports, Salman had doubts about acting yet another spy when he already plays the character in Yash Raj Films’ mega spy franchise, Tiger.

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