Netizens troll Hrithik & Sussanne over posing with their new partners Saba & Arslan; “This is called as mixed biryani”

Hrithik and Saba were also present for the celebrations.

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Hrithik Roshan and Saba Azad have finally made their romance official. At the airport, the couple was seen going hand in hand. Soon after, paparazzi caught up with Sussanne Khan and her boyfriend Arslan Goni for some PDA. As they all celebrate and pose together, they appear to be one big happy family.

Sussanne has been hard at work on her new Goa restaurant, Vedro, for quite some time now. The grand opening, it appears, took place yesterday, and all of the loved ones were present to express their support. Hrithik and Saba were also present for the celebrations.

Sussanne Khan thanked everyone of her loved ones for their support on Instagram Friday night. She posted photos of herself with Arslan Goni, Hrithik Roshan, and Saba Azad, as well as other members of her squad, from the celebrations.

Hrithik Roshan and his ex-wife Sussanne Khan stood with their respective loved ones, Saba Azad and Arslan Goni, in one of the photos. They all appeared to be in good spirits as they provided hope and motivation to those who thought ex-lovers can’t remain pals.

However, other online users misunderstood the equation and made fun of the two couples.

A user wrote, “This is called as mixed biryani”. Another commented, “Feeling dizzy while watching all this.., Husband,, gf wife bf”, “Kaay jamana aalay….. hubby girlfriend sobat, wife boyfriend sobat….devaaaaa…..vachav reeee….kuthun evadha bal detos hyanna…..,” wrote another. A viewer commented, “What the fuck is this arrangement where bf and husband are seen so cosy.” “what wrong example are they setting up?” another commented.

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