Netizens troll Malaika Arora for her outfit, “Kitchen m pehnne wale kapde phn kar nikal gyi gareeb log”

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Malaika Arora has the ideal clothing to combat the city’s growing temperatures, but it appears that netizens are dissatisfied with her choices. The actress wore a Gingham wrap dress with spaghetti straps and sneakers on a recent outing. Malaika was photographed leaving a salon, and as soon as her footage was uploaded on social media, people began to criticise on her fashion choices.

One user commented, “Bechari ko aaj tak kapde naseeb nahi hue”, while another one wrote, “Kitchen m pehnne wale kapde phn kar nikal gyi gareeb log”.

Malaika Arora announced her relationship with Arjun Kapoor in 2019. The pair has been mocked for their age difference. People have opinions because they love having opinions, Arjun stated on Social Media Star in response to the same. In India, we love gossiping. We all want to discuss ‘When will they get married? They don’t look good together. You think this is going to last? What does she see in him? Look at the way he is looking. Career will be ruined. This is said for the sake of saying. All it takes is one Friday or one interview where you explain yourself, all it takes is that much time for people’s perception to keep changing about you.”

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