Pan-India Star Prabhas Brings Back To Back Hits With Each Project; A New Avatar With Every Film, Here’s Proof!

Pan-India Star Prabhas Brings Back To Back Hits With Each Project; A New Avatar With Every Film, Here’s Proof!
Pan-India Star Prabhas Brings Back To Back Hits With Each Project; A New Avatar With Every Film, Here’s Proof!

Prabhas is an astounding actor and needs no introduction for the quality of work he has delivered with his talent and hardwork. Every film that the actor is a part of, is sure to cause a thunder at the box office. The actor, with every film has portrayed various characters which stay etched onto our minds and become the formula of hits. His top films that have become a must watch with time, include :

  • Darling- This film created a complete storm with its release and post this romantic character of Prabhas, fans popularly call him ‘Darling’. The film also marked its 10th anniversary in April and the excitement itself showed how the magic of the film is as fresh.
  • Mirchi- This 2013 release of Prabhas continues to win over our hearts for the storyline it has of rivalry between two familes and how the girl and boy fall in love. But did their story succeed with a happy ending or did they have to compromise their love for family? Prabhas won over us with another hit, well.
  • Varsham : A classic love story of how Venkat and Sailaja meet on a train and fall in love. But Sailaja’s father disapproves of their relationship and decides to marry her off to Bhadranna, a ruthless landlord, who is obsessed with her. There is action, love and so much drama which makes the film a perfect watch. Prabhas’ another character became a hit!
  • No. 1 Mr. Perfect- The story revolves around how Vicky breaks his engagement with Priya, his childhood friend, after he learns that she is making many compromises for his sake. However, time makes him realise the need for compromises in life. The storyline was a huge hit giving a new perspective towards relationships.
  • Rebel : This film is one that continues to be a must watch. This revenge drama has recieved so much appreciation for Rishi (Prabhas) for the action and also how he braved every injury to eventually punish the uncle who murdered his family. There was even a part two titled “Billa” which was once again a huge hit.
  • Baahubali : The Beginning : From the announcement till the final release, the hype that was created for Baahubali was immense. Tha character in itself was so strong that Prabhas soon became ‘Baahubali’ of the nation. As the story shows a flash of the past, the only question everyone had was “Why did Katappa kill Baahubali?”. The second part was awaited eagerly.
  • Baahubali : The Conclusion : This films joined all the missing pieces of the puzzle and emerged as a huge hit as the revenge was taken rightfully. The two part Baahubali is a must watch. Prabhas’ pan-India and pan-world popularity has never dimmed down ever since but goes on to win far and further.
  • Saaho : A film which was yet again an action drama which was killing the person who killed Ashok’s father, Prabhas delivery of action to dialogue delivery won hearts not just of India but beyond boundaries too.

The actor’s fandom sees no bounds and Prabhas is loved worldwide for the body of work he has delivered. Starting from 2002, Prabhas hasn’t hit the pause button and with every passing film has delivered a new character and new record at the box office overcoming his previous one. For the actor, he is his own competition.

Prabhas is currently working for his 20th Film and his first ever PAN-WORLD release with Nag-Ashwin directorial.

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