Salman Khan’s Brother-In-Law Ayush Sharma Has Been Served Legal Notice Regarding Accusations Of Plagiarism In The Dialogues And Story Of The Film Ruslaan

After a petition against his upcoming movie Ruslaan, the Delhi Court recently said the Bollywood actor Salman Khan‘s Brother-in -law Ayush Sharma, producer Radhamohan and South Indian actor Jagapati Babu have issued notices. In the Patiala House Court, Additional Judge Satyabat Panda made the head of this hearing and instructed all the accused to submit their response within a week.

This case is dated for another hearing on June 9. Social worker Jagdish Sharma and actor Rajveer Sharma, who has been substituted by his lawyer Rudra Vikram Singh, has filed a prevention petition, whose purpose is to stop the release of the film Ruslan, The producer of this film is Radhamohan, while Ayush Sharma is in the lead role.

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The accuser claim that Ruslaan is a copy in which the dialogue and the story has been copied And even the trailer of Ayush Sharma’s upcoming film , which also features Telugu Superstar Jagapati Babu and Sushrii Mishra were also unveiled on April 21. In the 2009 movie Rulsaan, Megha Chatterjee, who was the daughter of the famous actress Mausumi Chatterjee, was in the lead role.

Watch the trailer:

About Ruslaan:

The film Ruslaan directed by Katyayan Shivpuri unveiled his official trailer on April 21. With Ayush Sharma, Debutant actress Sushri Mishra is also in the lead role in this film. The release of the trailer generated a highly positive response among the audience, which was fascinated by the specific character presented by Ayush Sharma. In Ruslaan, the actor is seen in a different role from his previous two films, which demonstrates his ability to embrace his versatile and diverse characters. The success of the trailer has generated even more curiosity on the release of the film. Fans and movie lovers are extremely excited to witnessing Ayush Sharma and Sushrii Mishra’s Performances in this cinematic venture.

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