Shah Rukh Khan Is Insightful: Salman Khan Adapted Well”, YRF VFX Head Talks About Making Of Pathaan And Tiger 3

Sherry Bharda, the head of studio at YRF‘s VFX arm, yFX, recently spoke about the making of PathaanTiger 3, and more in an exclusive interview with a leading publication.

Making of Pathaan

According to Bharda, Shah Rukh Khan was very interested in the process of shooting Pathaan and had great inputs. “He is one of the most co-operative and insightful actors. He is very interested in the process. He would always want to see what was done, and if the VFX has achieved what they wanted,” said Bharda.

Bharda spoke about the making of Pathaan and the fan-favorite train sequence featuring Shah Rukh and Salman. She revealed that they had a lot of fun on that sequence and that they knew everyone was going to love it. “It was live action, the stars did a lot of work themselves but again, to give that big scale, we had to build parts of the mountainous canyon that you see there, to get that,” said Bharda.

Among the challenging scenes for yFX team was the ice-based action scene in the second half of Pathaan. “While Dubai action block and the train sequence were complex, the biggest challenge was to get the action on the ice right. Pathaan is one of the most complex films that we have done till date,” she concludes.

The World of VFX for Tiger 3

Bharda also spoke about the making of Tiger 3 with Salman Khan. She revealed that they have been working with Salman Khan for a long time and that he had adapted and adjusted well to the VFX process. “We know what works for him and he knows what is required. With him, it’s all about how clearly you can convey the VFX requirement. Once that’s done, the process is collaborative,” she explains. When asked to share about the visuals of Tiger 3, Sherry informs that a lot of prep work has gone into creating the third Tiger film.

Plans for the Future

Yash Raj Films, is reportedly expanding their spy universe with an epic two-hero crossover film, Tiger vs Pathaan that will see Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan in the lead, both reprising their roles as Pathaan and Tiger respectively. The story is being developed by Aditya Chopra himself, along with writer Shridhar Raghavan, mentor writer of the YRF Spy Universe.

YRF has lined up films like Tiger 3, War 2 as well and Sherry says that every film is going to have bigger action, more spectacular, death-defying stunts, and so on. The challenge for the team will be how to best realize the director’s vision.

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