Shahid Kapoor opens up on choosing Jersey!

Jersey to be released on 31st December 2021

Shahid Kapoor and Mrunal Thakur starrer sports drama Jersey is set to release in a couple of days on 31st December. In a recent interview with Shahid, he opened on choosing Jersey after the huge success of Kabir Singh.

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The actor said, “It’s always a difficult decision for what you going to take up next. As you do more and more work that decision becomes difficult because in the beginning there is a lot of excitement about working and doing a lot of things. But as time goes by, you want to dedicate your energy to something that you are very passionate about. So whether you are coming from a successful film or a film that was not that successful you want to give your time to something that is worth it, where you can enrich yourself and try and do something new. But yes there was the pressure of making a decision after something as successful as Kabir Singh.”

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“The one thing I knew was that I don’t want to do the same thing again, I was very clear about that. Everybody seemed to think that I should do something similar and I think Arjun is as diametrically opposite to Kabir as two characters can be. I think there is some internal angst to Arjun that some people feel is similar to Kabir but you know people say a lot when a promo comes through. So people need to see the film and once they see it, it will be clear. However, Jersey was a subject that hit home for me when I saw it. Obviously its original was performed by Nani and when I saw the film I was emotionally moved. I kept crying after I saw the film and it took me some time and crying in a very happy way and it was a very beautiful emotion. I wasn’t sad, I was overwhelmed, very inspired and a little bit in awe of the character, the story and the way the director told the film. So it just stayed with me. It took a few months to take that decision. Even though I was listening to a lot of other stuff but nothing made me feel the way I felt about this subject. So I felt that if it’s something that is staying with me for such a long period of time that means there is something very pure, beautiful and good about it. Therefore I took the decision to do it,” he added.

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