Subhash Ghai to make a film on legendary actor Dilip Kumar?

Subhash Ghai is willing to rope Amitabh Bachchan to play Dilip Kumar's character in the Biopic.

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Recently we heard that Farah Khan will be making a biopic on the late legendary actor Rajesh Khanna. Soon after this news, a source revealed that one more biopic will be held on the story of legendary star Dilip Kumar and it will be held by iconic filmmaker Subhash Ghai. Not just this, the source also revealed that Subhash Ghai is willing to rope Amitabh Bachchan to play Dilip Kumar’s character in the Biopic.

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A source close to the development said, “He feels there is a very inspiring story to tell on how a fruit seller’s son became India’s most revered actor. Subhash Ghai wants Amitabh Bachchan to play Dilip Kumar.”

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However, the news is still in the air, and none of the officials have confirmed the news. Well, to the unversed, Subhash Ghai had the singular honour to direct the legend in not just one but three of his later blockbusters Vidhaata, Saudagar, and Karma.

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