The Baap Of All Cast: First Looks Revealed Featuring Four Legendary Bollywood Actors. Watch Inside

On Wednesday, the group shocked the Internet by revealing their upcoming movie.

Hey people, Sunny Deol, Jackie Shroff, Sanjay Dutt, and Mithun Chakraborty have the finest news to cure your midweek blues. On Wednesday, the group shocked the Internet by revealing their upcoming movie. Their words, not ours, are that it will be the “baap of all flicks.” How pumped up are you? Sanjay Dutt posted the first-look poster for the untitled movie along with the caption, “Baap Of All Films. Rocking shot, unheard-of friendship,”Shoot Dhamaal, Dosti Bemisaal.” Mithun Chakraborty may be seen in this photo sporting a dark shirt, pants, a brown sleeveless jacket, and a green hat. Sunny Deol, who is seated next to him, is dressed like a prisoner in orange and white.

Recently during announcement poster Sunny Deol has long hair, a beard, and a bandana, and he is dressed in khaki overalls that resemble an American prison uniform. Many admirers thought the appearance resembled the ones he wore in memorable 90s movies like Jeet. Mithun Chakraborty also wore his once-famous slanted army headgear, accessorising it with a leather jacket and jeans.

Today actor Sunny Deol took his social media and shared the glimpses and looks of all four legendary actors and captioned, “khalnaayak ho ya Hero, macha denge Gadar. koi shaq!!!”

In the post Sunny Deol Can be seen in a very terrific look although he is having short hair, coming to Jackie Shroff he can be seen in a very classy look with a goggle over the face dressed in a jacket. Sanjay dutt Dressed Very similar as usual but his presence in the lead will mark the film on a different scale, coming to legend Mithun; he can be captured in a slanted army headgear will a muffler will leather jacket styled with jeans.

All these posts from the cast is making the audiences go crazy about the film which is resulting to increase in the buzz for the film.

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