The Humble Star: Akshay Kumar Confessed And Blames Himself For His Films’ Box Office Failures!

The actor also discussed the reason behind having back-to-back releases.

The trailer for Akshay Kumar’s Disney+Hostar original film Cuttputlli, which also stars Rakul Preet Singh, Chandrachur Singh, and Sargun Mehta, was released today.

The actor addressed his films’ poor box office performance here. Raksha Bandhan is Akshay’s third dud movie; Samrat Prithviraj and Bachchhan Paandey failed to draw audiences to the theatres.

About his films not performing, Akshay confessed that no one but he is to be blamed.

He said, “If my films are not working, it is our fault, it is my fault. I have to make the changes, I have to understand what the audience wants. I want to make changes, I want to dismantle my way of working and think what kind of films I should be doing. Nobody else is to be blamed but me.”

When the actor was asked if stars are now taking up OTT projects to create a safe space for themselves as films are not performing at the box office, he said, “It is not safe, that also requires people to say if they like the trailer or not. Nothing is safe, it is not our safety net. Even here (on OTT) people are watching, the media is watching it, the critics are watching it, the audience is watching it, they give feedback whether they like it or not. So, there’s nothing like creating a safe space, you have to work hard, period.”

The actor also discussed the reason behind having back-to-back releases.

Akshay stated, “During the pandemic, many films were made, while some released, many couldn’t be released because theatres were shut, and there were many issues during the lockdown. Hum kaam karte rahein, filmein jamaa hoti rahi. I have four films ready which we couldn’t release in the last two years, if there was no pandemic this wouldn’t be the scenario, there would be at least two to four months gap between my films.”

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