There Could Be Lots To Explore If A Film Is Made On Jim: John Abraham Reacts To Fans Demanding Jim’s Prequel. Details Inside!

In Pathaan, John Abraham portrayed a former RAW officer who became a terrorist.

Shah Rukh Khan starrer ‘Pathaan’ film has shattered all the box office records and it is the third entry in Yash Raj Films’ spy universe. ‘Pathaan’ is connected to both Hrithik Roshan’s ‘War’ and Salman Khan’s ‘Tiger’. Critics also praised John Abraham, who played the film’s major antagonist, Jim, in addition to the key performers SRK and Deepika Padukone. Now that the actor has spoken candidly about his role, he has expressed a desire to learn more about Jim’s past.

In Pathaan, John Abraham portrayed a former RAW officer who became a terrorist. John remarked in a statement that he cannot believe how much support and love he is getting from the fans and audience. John said, “It is an incredible amount of love that I have been receiving for playing Jim in ‘Pathaan’. As an actor, I only work for the love of audiences and fans. Records and milestones are a huge bonus and I’m grateful that ‘Pathaan’ is such a historic blockbuster. I didn’t expect that people would love my character so much that they want more of Jim to be given to them.”

John continued to express that he was shocked to see the sheer volume of comments regarding the need for a Jim prequel that he was receiving every day on his social media accounts.

John Abraham said, “When people almost always root for the hero, and that hero is Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Pathaan’, it is hugely gratifying that people are rooting for the anti-hero too. I’m fortunate that my work in ‘Pathaan’ has spoken loudly and hopefully, I have managed to give people an anti-hero that they will always remember. That was my intent when I heard Pathaan.”

The actor also talked about the facets of his character that he loved. Jim assumed control of the terrorist organisation. He described himself as a devoted super-spy to the audience and said it would be fantastic if Aditya Chopra could bring Jim back. “Imagine the pain he endured, imagine the hurt that broke him and turned him into the man he became. To me, Jim was a very powerful character and yes, it would be great if Aditya Chopra wants to bring him back and tell the world how good a super-spy he was and how he became a ruthless mercenary later.” John added.

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“As Luthra says in ‘Pathaan’, Jim and Kabir are the best in business. So, there could be lots to explore if a film is made on Jim. I don’t know what Aditya Chopra has in mind. As of now, I’m relishing the love that’s coming my way and I’m thankful that I have entertained people thoroughly.” John ended. 

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