When Bollywood Was Busy Making Masala Entertainers, Shah Rukh Khan Came Up With ‘My Name Is Khan’

When Bollywood Was Busy Making Masala Entertainers, Shah Rukh Khan Came Up With 'My Name Is Khan'
When Bollywood Was Busy Making Masala Entertainers, Shah Rukh Khan Came Up With ‘My Name Is Khan’


Entertaining us for more than two decades, the Badshah of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan turns 55 today. The actor featured in a lot of blockbusters and became the ‘King Of Romance’ as he made space in our hearts in no time.

Not just giving stellar performances, SRK also taught us the language of love. He did this, not only through his films but also with his real-life love story with Gauri Khan. The duo has been one of the most loved couples in India.

It’s been more than 27 years that Shah Rukh Khan started entertaining us, but his charm remains the same. He still makes our hearts skip a beat whenever he comes on screen.

Although the superstar has been absent from the screen for a couple of years now, with his social media presence, he keeps a connection with all of us.

Khan’s vast filmography includes more than 80 films and as he celebrates his birthday today, let’s take out little time to appreciate one of his many amazing choices and characters of the film that he gave us. It is none other than “My Name Is Khan” which featured Kajol opposite Shah Rukh Khan.

‘My Name Is Khan’ released in 2010 and is a Karan Johar directorial. It is the story of an innocent autistic Muslim man, Rizwan Khan (Shah Rukh Khan). Rizwan and his family become the victims of racism and hate crimes. He embarks on a journey to meet the US president to tell him that not all Muslims are terrorists. It was a sensitive film and had SRK telling his audience what stands relevant and thoughtful even today.

The film doesn’t just carry a very strong message but also witness one of Khan’s best performances. Not just that, the dialogue from the film, “My name is Khan, and I’m not a terrorist”, became the instant trend of those times.

Even the 69-year-old celebrated novelist Paulo Coelho took to Twitter to praise the actor when the film completed 7 years.

“’My Name is Khan and I am not a terrorist’

Congratulations @iamsrk for the 7th anniversary of this wonderful movie!” wrote Paulo.

In 2010, when the Bollywood industry was focusing on masala entertainers like Dabangg, Golmaal 3, Housefull, Shah Rukh Khan was going behind stories that the world needs to watch, and hence we got a gift like My Name Is Khan and we can’t thank the superstar enough for it. Despite the film being almost a decade old, every look is fresh in our minds.

His birthday is a special day, not just for Shah Rukh Khan, but for all of us who love King Khan for his amazing films, loveable songs, witty interviews, cute dimples, and romance ka devta. We wish him good health and happiness for life. We love you SRK! ❤️

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