‘Why Will You Hold My Car’s Door When I Have Gotten In? This Is Intruding My Private Space’: Taapsee Pannu On Paparazzi Following Her. Video Inside!

She is often known to be straightforward and many call her "arrogant" which she too has a reply for.

Taapsee Pannu, known for Hassen Dillruba, Thappad, Pink, Looop Lapeta, Blurr, had got into an exchange with paparazzi when they tried to click her picture while she sat in the car. She is often known to be straightforward and many call her “arrogant” which she too has a reply for.

“It does bother me because, after a point, I realised that they are doing it knowing they are going to irk me. Why will you hold my car’s door when I have gotten in? This is intruding my private space. Imagine if you are getting into your car and there are people who have held the car door and not letting you shut the door and shoving the camera in your face, will you like it? Any person, regardless of being a girl or boy, would you like it?” India Today quoted her as saying over viral video.

“If I’m arrogant to ask for basic human respect of space, then please call me arrogant, but I will not just try to sugar-coat and be this good girl because I’m in front of this camera. I am not that person. You get what you see,” said Taapsee Pannu on people calling her “arrogant”. 

She said that she walks with no bodyguards, and that the paparazzi shove their cameras, and not give her any space to breathe just because she is known as a public figure. “Whatever people know me for is for what I do in front of the movie camera. I’m not an influencer. I am not performing in front of any other camera. I don’t want to, also,” she added.

Meanwhile, She will star in Dunki starring Shah Rukh Khan, and Woh Ladki Hai Kahaan.

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