Why We Need More Of ‘Lawyer-oriented’ Films Like Amazon Prime Video’s Upcoming film ‘Law’

Why We Need More Of 'Lawyer-oriented' Films Like Amazon Prime Video's Upcoming film 'Law'
Why We Need More Of ‘Lawyer-oriented’ Films Like Amazon Prime Video’s Upcoming film ‘Law’

For about years and years now, Bollywood has seen releases of films that have police officers and soldiers playing the role of the protagonist. Even with the advent of the OTT platforms where crime thrillers took up the limelight, many films and shows had heroes or heroines playing the role of a police officer or any other law-enforcing officer.

Nonetheless, with more variety of content releasing on the OTT platforms, the time has finally arrived where the Indian film industry has finally started to venture into unchartered territories with other important professions as well. With the release date of Amazon Prime Video’s upcoming movie ‘Law’ hovering close to the audience, the audience will get to cherish a ‘lawyer-centric’ movie.

Amazon Prime video’s upcoming original Law is an intriguing crime- thriller that follows the journey of the character of Nandini who is strong, vocal, and takes a stand for justice in the court. It is of vital importance that Bollywood highlights other professions playing a protagonist too. The legal Kannada drama is led by Ragini Prajwal who makes her debut as a lead actress.

The film is directed by Raghu Samarth and produced by Ashwini Puneeth Rajkumar, M Govinda. The film also features Siri Prahlad, Achyuth Kumar, Sudharani, and veteran actor Mukyamanthri Chandru in prominent roles. Law also marks the first film from Sandalwood industry to have a digital release.

The film has been created by Puneeth Rajkumar’s PRK Productions and will exclusively release on Amazon Prime Video. Don’t forget to set a reminder on your phone and your calendars too so that you can finally catch a lawyer-oriented film and see how a lawyer saves the day. !

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