Ek Villain Returns Review: The Film Marks Return Of Massy Cinema In Times Of Fake Urban Wannabe Films, Arjun Kapoor Shines!

Ek Villain Returns is a stylish thriller that handles the massy appeal successfully.


Rich spoilt brat Gautam Mehra (Arjun Kapoor) seeks retribution on wannabe singer Aarvi Malhotra (Tara Sutaria), who makes a rap out of Gautam’s leaked heartbreak video. Aarvi eventually develops feelings for Gautam, but he betrays her by disclosing her stepfather relationship. Cab driver Bhairav (John Abraham) develops feelings for retail salesperson Rasika (Disha Patani). When Bhairav discovers Rasika in bed with her boss Atul one night, things quickly go south for him.

On the other hand, Gautam and Bhairav cross paths with ACP Ganeshan (Chakravarthy), who steps in to stop a string of murders in the city. However, Rasika, Aarvi, Bhairav, and Gautam are unaware that their paths would also cross. Who is the real villain? What happens to the remaining three? The rest of the story is comprised of these revelations.

Technical Departments:

All throughout, filmmaker Mohit Suri maintains a sense of thrill, adrenaline, and surprise. It becomes more difficult to foresee the climax as each layer of each character gradually peels off in Mohit’s film as it exhibits signs of development. Mohit jams Ek Villain Returns with a tonne of plot twists and turns, maintaining his style and distinct flavour throughout the story. Some of these can be over the top and befuddle the audience.

The second half drops a little after the good intermission and only rises up before the climax. There are moments in the movie where you might try to draw connections or find logic, but you might still be baffled. ‘Ek Villain Returns’ succeeds admirably in its area.

The film’s 128 minute running time and a tremendous surprise right before the end credits make it intriguing.


The actual star of Ek Villain Returns is the music, not the actors. The soulful soundtrack and songs shine throughout, seamlessly blending into the story.


Arjun Kapoor comfortably tops the four actors in terms of performance. His haughtiness, ignorance, frustration, and the suffering of a lover in captivity are admirable. Tara Sutaria somehow acts in this one. She has slightly improved. John appears to be getting older, however, his action scenes are still believable. The most frail of them all is Disha Patani. She merely defends her reputation as a glam doll and someone who knows how to present her body attractively on camera.


Ek Villain Returns is a stylish thriller that handles the massy appeal successfully.

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