Hungama 2 Review: Paresh Rawal & Shilpa Shetty’s film is a disorganized and outdated comedy

Hungama 2, directed by Priyadarshan, has nothing pleasant to offer and should be skipped.



The film revolves around Meezaan Jaffrey’s character Akash who lives with his father, sister, and brother’s family. He marries Simran, the daughter of one of his father’s friends, Bajaj. Vaani (Pranitha Subhash), his ex-girlfriend, unexpectedly shows up at his house, saying that Akash had impregnated her while they were dating. She is accompanied by their daughter.

Colonel Kapoor (Ashutosh Rana), Akash’s father, invites her to live with them till the situation is settled. To establish that Vaani is lying, Akash enlists the help of his colleague Anjali (Shilpa Shetty). Is Vaani telling the truth? If that’s the case, what’s the rationale behind it?

Direction and screenplay:

Priyadarshan brings back the concept of bewilderment comedy, however, there aren’t many moments that are funny or bring back the distinctive Priyadarshan humour. The film starts slowly, and the humour is a little over the top in several instances, and the logic is thrown out the window.

Camerawork, locales, and production design are all excellent. Dialogues are humorous, especially those penned for Paresh Rawal. When it comes to director Priyadarshan, his comedy barely works in portions, and his narration lacks the core enchantment.

With a running time of roughly 150 minutes, you lose interest after the first 100 minutes and just want it to be over. The hasty nature of the story and screenplay implies that this was not a well-planned effort.


The star of Hungama 2 is Ashutosh Rana, who plays a tough disciplinarian who alternates between being intimidating and amusing. Shilpa Shetty looks lovely and adds a lot of pzazz to the Chura Ke Dil Mera remake, but she doesn’t make an impression otherwise. Paresh Rawal and Rajpal Yadav provide some amusement, but they are dispersed. The cameo of Akshaye Khanna appears to have been crammed into the film for nostalgia’s sake.

One feels bad for the young protagonists. Meezan Jaffrey and Pranitha Subhash aren’t out of their depths, but their performances are crippled by a storyline that offers them no help.


Ronnie Raphael, Priyadarshan’s go-to BGM guy, makes a decent attempt at making us nostalgic, but it’s overshadowed by the collective dissatisfaction of everything else.


Hungama 2, directed by Priyadarshan, has nothing pleasant to offer and should be skipped. However, if you can tolerate cheesy comedy, dad jokes, stereotyping, and terrible song remakes, it’s worth a go.

Don’t say you weren’t warned!

Hungama 2












Thumbs Up

  • Ashutosh Rana's performance

Thumbs Down

  • Direction
  • Music
  • Screenplay

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