Velle Review: Abhay Deol – Karan Deol’s comedy drama falls flat on face!

Velle is aremake of a Telugu film Brochevarevarura.

Ajay Devgn produced film Velle has released today. Karan Deol, Abhay Deol, Mouni Roy starring film is a remake of a Telugu film Brochevarevarura. Not only Karan, Abhay, and Mouni, the film holds a lot of other stars as lead including Anya Singh, Savant Singh Premi, and Vishesh Tiwari.

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The film brings two tracks onboard, one with a college group of Rahul (Karan Deol), Rambo (Savant Singh Premi), and Raju (Vishesh Tiwari) – who befriends the equally mischievous Riya (Anya Singh). The other track involves Rishi – an aspiring filmmaker (Abhay Deol) and Rohini (Mouni Roy). Both tracks interact with each other where the college boys help Riya in a fake kidnapping to get money from her father and Riya, where Riya gets kidnapped in real and the hustle begins. On the other side, Rishi narrates the film story to Rohini which coincides with the boy’s trap.

The whole film is an absolute confusion, the two stories seem to be forcefeeded in one frame. The first part was epic boring but after the kidnapping scene, the story gives some hope to the audience.

Karan Deol as a college kid was good enough, as this film evokes his comedy skills. Abhay Deol was below average this time, his spark was totally missing in this film. Anya Singh was totally wasted as talent, her character was not emphasized much by analyzing her acting skills. Mouni was decent as she appeared in a cameo role.

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Coming to the technicality, the editing was pathetic, the scenes were not integrating into a flow. The background score was annoying, but the music of the film was way better than the BG. Only a few dialogues in the film stood out as comic rest were too lame.

Overall, director Deven Munjal failed to bring a spiced comedy-drama, with bad execution. But one should binge it for Karan Deol’s sensible acting.

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