Venom: Let There Be Carnage Review: The Spider-Man spin-off starring Tom Hardy is entertaining but a little clumsy

The film appears to be a positive step forward, but the problem is that it is moving too slowly.

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Eddie Brock returns in Venom: Let There Be Carnage, facing combat against Cletus Kasady and his murderous symbiote, Carnage. You’ll see some familiar faces from the previous film, as well as some new ones. When it comes to original cast members, Tom Hardy is once again a delight to see in the film. I believe the fact that his friendship with Venom is front and centre in the film immediately elevates it over the first. Venom and Eddie are the kind of dysfunctional relationship you love to watch in movies. It helped that they went for the corny tone, which made this a fun fest.


Despite the fact that he is a “superhero,” Hardy manages to play an underdog with endearing appeal. His intriguing superpower is that he isn’t ‘heroic’ in any way.

Michelle Williams’ role in the story is less important than it was in the prequel. Eddie’s love story is confined to her, and she handled critical moments in order for Eddie to emerge as the champion. Michelle’s Anne has a poor to non-existent voice and a terrible character profile.

Despite his weaknesses, Harrelson rises to the top just by being a psycho murderer. His character develops into one you’d like to see in a more in-depth film. Shriek by Naomie Harris adds too much noise to an already tumultuous story. Character is good, but she isn’t.

Technical Departments:

Andy Serkis has previously worked on films such as Breathe (Andrew Garfield) and Mowgli: Legend Of The Jungle, but this is his first foray into this territory. The shaky narrative causes some glitches in the direction, but Serkis tries to retain his footing by using the Eddie-Venom trump card to construct at least some barriers to keep you at bay. Marco Beltrami isn’t quite as good as ‘Logan’ or even ‘The Wolverine,’ but he gets the job done.


In a nutshell, this appears to be a positive step forward, but the problem is that it is moving too slowly. The post-credit scene does a good job of building anticipation for the next instalment, but it still needs a lot of work.

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