Sadak 2 Movie Review: Despite Alia Bhatt & Sanjay Dutt, This Journey Is A No-Go!

Sadak 2 Movie Review: Despite Alia Bhatt & Sanjay Dutt, This Journey Is A No-Go!
Sadak 2 Movie Review: Despite Alia Bhatt & Sanjay Dutt, This Journey Is A No-Go!



Today, a web series and a film with the same storyline are released on OTT. One is Bobby Deol starrer Aashram and the other is Sadak 2 starring Sanjay Dutt, Pooja Bhatt, Alia Bhatt, and Aditya Roy Kapur. Both the content run around corrupt Gurus spoiling people’s life.

Sadak 2 stars with the character named Aarya (Alia Bhatt) who’s behind a Guru (Makarand Deshpande) whom she’s planning on taking revenge. Remembering the scenes from the film Sadak, Sanjay Dutt’s character Ravi is introduced. It indirectly reminds you that this film is a sequel to the 90s film Sadak. Pooja Bhatt’s character named Pooja is dead since the start.

Like in the first film, Ravi is sad and unhappy with life. He is suicidal. He keeps talking to his dead wife in his thoughts. Aarya’s dad played by Jisshu Sengupta is one of the Guru’s bhakt as well.


There’s something about stories in which the characters defy all odds to achieve something and Sadak 2 is definitely not one of them. While the first half is a bit inconsistent, the second half bores you too.

The character description of every actor in the film has a back story that bores you after a time. The story has a lot of twists and turns but you start losing the interest once the twists take turns immediately.

There is a lot of drama in terms of relationships, family, love, fight, betrayal, it still is a dull watch.


Mahesh Bhatt makes a big comeback that won’t be remembered for sure.


Jay I. Patel’s cinematography is gritty as per the demands of the twists and turns of the film. Sandeep Kurup’s editing is good but could be crisper. The emotions are the highlight of the film as it syncs very well with the narrative.


This is the ONLY part of the film that works in favor of the film. All songs of the film are placed well and are treated to our ears.


Sadak 2 has a strong cast. Alia Bhatt as Aarya holds a strong role, she’s always a treat we get to watch on screen as she’s always honest to her characters. Sanjay Dutt was amazing for his part as well. You know there’s this thing with Sanju Baba, he looks sad and depressive when he is acting like one. This makes you believe his character even more.

Aditya Roy Kapur in this film seems like a mixture of his two characters from the past. One is Rahul from Aashiqui 2 and the other one is Advait from Malang. He offers nothing new in terms of acting with his film.

Makarand Deshpande, Jisshu Sengupta and Gulshan Grover are terrific and are true to their characters.


In a nutshell, just after 30 minutes into the film, you might decide to get off-Sadak.

PS. You will not like it even if you are a fan of Sanjay Dutt like I am.

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Thumbs Up

  • Songs
  • Alia Bhatt & Sanjay Dutt's Performance

Thumbs Down

  • Lazy writing
  • Storyline
  • Direction
  • Length of the movie

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