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Exclusive Insane And Historical Advances Of Avatar Way Of Water Takes A Massive Start, Entire 3D Bookings To Start This Friday ! Detail Inside

The Advance Booking for the biggest and much-awaited visual spectacle of the decade James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water opens across the country in premium formats last Friday! Fans have been waiting for this big ticket extravaganza for 13 years and now they can finally book tickets for the sci-fi extravaganza.

Black Panther Is Winning Hearts, Wakanda Forever Box Office Hits 10 Million Dollar Milestone In Preview, Massive !

Wakanda Forever is ready to make a splash in India and around the world. A sentimental link to the late Chadwick Boseman is what makes this movie so anticipated, aside from the fact that it is a major Marvel release. Let’s check out the movie’s box office performance on day 1 using advance reservations. The prequel originally came out in 2018 and did well in India.