Exclusive Box Office Report: Akshay Kumar starrer to struggle to take a double digit start on day one due to unprecedented competition from The Kashmir Files

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The reaction to advance booking of Bachchhan Paandey, which is falling short of The Kashmir Files, has caused alarm in the industry. Before the film’s release, a section has predicted a single-digit opening for the Akshay Kumar starrer. However, the show has yet to begin, and Holi as a festival has traditionally relied on spot bookings. For those unaware, Akshay Kumar’s 2018 film Kesari also had poor advance ticket sales, but outstanding walk-ins throughout the day.

Bachchhan Paandey is anticipated to follow in his footsteps. Of course, the box office won’t live up to the hype generated by the trailer, but the film still has a potential of grossing around Rs 10 crore, depending on where the spot bookings settle. The collection might be even higher, but it all relies on how the crowd reacts to the film and how well it does at evening and night presentations. The film will be released on roughly 3000 screens across India, but that is unimportant because what matters is the number of shows, not the number of screens.

Bachchhan Paandey would have started anywhere between 16 and 20 crore without the competition from The Kashmir Files, but it would now be impacted by the wave of this Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri directed film. Bachchhan Paandey can still exist on its own if the public embraces the content, as a mass commercial performer has a large audience.

The movie has been directed by Farhad Samji. The plot revolves around an aspiring filmmaker intending to make a film on Bachchhan Paandey, who kills for fun.


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