Exclusive box office report: Rocketry jumps big on Saturday & Sunday but still low, Minions average & Anime film Jujutsu Kaisen surprises

R Madhavan’s passion project found very few takers on opening day with poor 65 lacs nett. Thought film has jumped big on day two by 75% and collected 1.15 cr nett but still its far from satisfactory. Film again jumped on Sunday by 60% and collected 1.80 cr nett. Film has total of 3.60 cr nett over weekend which is still flop. Though it can remain in cinemas for couple of weeks.

Hollywood film Minions remain average with low numbers and collected 2.65 cr nett. It should end around 7-8 cr nett lifetime.

Other Anime film Jujutsu Kaisen has sprung surprise with 4.30 cr nett weekend number. It is a huge surprise considering limited release.


Fri 65 lac

Sat 1.15 cr

Sun 1.80 cr

Total 3.60 cr


Thursday 1.50 cr

Friday 1.35 cr

Saturday 1.90 cr

Sunday 2.45 cr

Total 7.20 cr

Jujutsu Kaisen
Thu 1.50 cr

Fri 0.70 cr

Sat 0.90 cr

Sun 1.20 cr

Total 4.30 cr

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