Exclusive Box Office Report: Shahid Kapoor starrer Jersey bombs at box office

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Jersey had a weak opening weekend, grossing only 13.85 crores. Even with low expectations previous to the release, it was believed that the film will gross at least 22-25 crores. Furthermore, it received positive pre-release reviews and was well received by critics upon its release. The problem was that the store had a small entrance, which meant that word of mouth, while nice, couldn’t really spread because of the lack of footfall. In addition, audiences had a solid option in the form of KGF: Chapter 2 (Hindi), which, because it is a set film, ended up grossing over 50 crores in its second weekend as well.

Of course, thanks to recoveries from numerous routes currently coming in, the film will be lucrative for its producers in the long run. However, from the standpoint of the core theatre industry, it will remain quite low. If the rises on Saturday and Sunday had been particularly big, one would expect Monday to be even better than Friday, which is exactly what happened with The Kashmir Files, which started similarly at 3.55 crores and then became unstoppable from the second day onwards.

However, the Shahid Kapoor starrer Jersey didn’t manage a single double-digit score on either Saturday or Sunday, so the question now is if Monday’s collections will be higher or at least equal to Friday’s.

The film’s Sunday collections were also low, at 5.10 crores, but it was urgent that it surpass the 10 crore milestone. Because that hasn’t happened, Sunday will now be the best day for the film, and it will be interesting to see how consistent Jersey remains during the weekdays from here.



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