EXCLUSIVE Box Office Report: The Batman fares fair at BO

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The Batman had a good first week, grossing 31.25 crores. The collections are great in general, but after reaching 6 crores on the first day, they have dropped to 1.75 crores on the seventh day. Though it’s understandable that a film’s statistics will drop when compared to its opening day, the dip is unusually dramatic in this case. The collections should have ideally stayed between 2.5 and 3 crores until the conclusion of the first week.

This is why The Batman’s lifetime earnings of 50 crores are no longer a possibility. For the time being, the best-case scenario appears to be 45 crores, which isn’t awful, but the trouble is that expectations were high for The Batman, given that it belongs to a popular superhero genre around the world.

Because this is the finest period for such Hollywood pictures to score, the Batman should grow again tomorrow and the next day. On weekdays, however, the numbers are likely to drop again, albeit as long as at least 1 crore comes in on each of the weekdays until the release of Bachchan Paandey, everything would be fine.

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