Exclusive 187 Cr nett 3rd Weekend Box Office Collection Of Ajay Devgn Starrer Drishyam 2, Numbers Inside !

Ajay Devgn Starrer Drishyam 2 released last Friday with good hype but on day one itself, it has surpassed all expectations with 2nd best opening of Hindi film in 2022. Film has created an atmosphere of celebration among trade and exhibitors and disappointment among Bollywood haters. Film has broke every myth and every theory with Monday hold to century figure in week one itself. 

Film released in 3300 screens and managed massive 15.38 cr nett on day one which was even higher than Ajay Devgn Starrer Tanhaji (15.10 cr) which released in pre pandemic times. Film got acceptance all over and especially in Maharashtra circuit which was lying low for so long. Film had 2nd biggest opening for Hindi film in 2022.

Film had weekend collection of 64.14 cr nett which is again 2nd biggest weekend of the year for Hindi film. Film was rock solid on weekdays and with almost only 10% drop on every day. Film managed to collect 104.66 cr nett which is again 2nd best of the year beating The Kashmir Files.

Last week film faced competition from new release Bhediya starring Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon. But as expected, Drishyam 2 held its ground strong on 2nd Friday and lead over new release. 

Film collected 39.24 cr nett over 2nd weekend and collected huge 58.82 cr nett in 2nd week. Film has total of 163.47 cr nett in yeo weeks which means it will cross 59 cr nett plus in 2nd week. This is only 43.5 % drop from week one which is super solid hold. 

3rd weekend as expected film dominated box office in big way as new releases fizzled out. Film has collected more than combine collection of all new Hindi releases and holdover Hindi releases. As per early trends, film should collect around 4.45 cr nett on 3rd Friday which is as strong as 2nd Thursday with almost no drop.

Film jumped on 3rd Saturday by 89% today with collections of 8.45 cr nett. Film again jumped on Sunday by 21% and collected 10.39 cr nett. Film has crossed 186.76 cr nett today and will cross 198 cr nett by end of 3rd week if not 200. Film will cross 200 cr nett by end of 4th weekend if not 3rd week.

Film has collected 3.5 million dollar in week one in overseas market and now with good 2nd week (1.65 million $,13.40 cr) it stands at 5.17 million dollar (42.22 cr) after 14 days. 

Following are the numbers for Drishyam 2 in national chains in 8 days : 

PVR 195 lacs/332lacs/367lacs/124lacs/113lacs/107lacs/101lacs/105lacs/2cr/2.28cr

Inox 151 lacs/297lacs/330lacs/102lacs/102lacs/95lacs/91lacs/88lacs/1.75cr/2.15cr

Cinepolis 79 lacs/140lacs/158lacs/56lacs/50lacs/47lacs/44lacs/45.50lacs/89lacs/1.05cr

Total 4.25cr/7.69cr/8.55cr/2.82cr/2.65cr/2.49cr/2.36cr/2.38cr/4.64cr/5.48cr

Below are the collections for the film :

1st Week 

Friday – 15.38 cr 

Saturday – 21.59 cr (40.38 % jump) 

Sunday – 27.17 cr (25.85 % jump) 

Monday – 11.87 cr (24 % drop) 

Tuesday – 10.48 cr (11.78 % drop) 

Wednesday – 9.55 cr (8.88 % drop) 

Thursday – 8.62 cr (10 % drop) 

Total 1st Week – 104.66 cr nett 

2nd Week 

Friday – 7.87 cr (8.70 % drop)

Saturday – 14.05 cr (80 % jump) 

Sunday – 17.32 cr (23.25 % jump) 

Monday – 5.44 cr (37.78 % drop) 

Tuesday – 5.15 cr (5 % drop) 

Wednesday – 4.68 cr (8 % drop) 

Thursday – 4.31 (7 % drop) 

Total Week Two – 58.82 cr nett (43.5% drop)

3rd Week 

Friday – 4.45 cr (3 % jump) 

Saturday – 8.45 cr (89 % jump)

Sunday – 10.39 cr (21 % jump)

Total – 186.76 cr nett

Overseas – 5 million dollar (42.75 cr) 

Worldwide gross – 255 Cr

Following is the breakdown of overseas collections:

USA-CAN $2.33M
UAE-GCC $1.25M
UK-IRE: $370K
AUS: $628K
Rest: $448K
Total Two Week: 5.17 Million $

3rd Weekend: $600k

Grand Total: $5.78 million (47.27 cr)

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