Exclusive: 30 Cr Nett By Tomorrow, 3rd Week Box Office Collection Of Amitabh Bachchan, Parineeti Chopra And Anupam Kher Starrer Uunchai , Numbers Inside !

Box office saw the clash of Rajshri’s film Uunchai and Hollywood biggie Black Panther, Wakanda Forever. Uunchai had this news going all over that full has limited release like earlier Rajshri’s earlier releases in 1990’s. And that will ensure some sort of success.

Film managed to attain good advances but still there was nothing extraordinary. Film opened decent but never grew beyond a certain level. 

Film collected 1.81 cr nett on day one which is not bad if you consider recent trend. Film needed big jumps over weekend and that’s what happened as film jumped by 120% across the board.

Film collected 3.64 cr nett on day two which was big jump. Again film jumped today and collected 4.71 cr nett which was massive growth. As expected, film held well on day four and collected 1.88 cr nett which is a good as Friday. Film added 1.76 cr nett on Tuesday, 1.66 cr nett on Wednesday and 1.56 cr nett on Thursday. This is very good trending though on lower levels as Film collected total of 16.85 cr nett in week one. 

Film added 90 cinemas in 2nd week and collected 1.33 cr nett on 2nd Friday, 2.42 cr nett on Saturday with 80% jump and 2.87 cr nett on Sunday despite massive start of Drishyam 2. Film added 70 lacs nett each on weekdays to add 2.80 cr nett. Film collected 9.40 cr nett in 2nd week which is fair hold considering low start. 

Film collected 40 lacs nett on 3rd Friday as one more new release Bhediya affected the collections. Film jumped on 3rd Saturday and collected 75 lacs nett. Film will again jump today and should cross 1.05 cr nett 3rd weekend. Film added 1.20 cr nett on weekdays in 3rd week.

Film has 21 days total of 29.82 cr nett and now it’s certain to end at 33 cr nett lifetime which is a fair result. Limited release strategy worked but in limited way only as film didn’t appeal to younger audience.

Friday – 1.81 cr

Saturday – 3.64 cr 

Sunday – 4.71 cr 

Monday – 1.88 cr 

Tuesday – 1.76 cr 

Wednesday – 1.66 cr 

Thursday – 1.56 cr 

Total 1st Week – 17.02 cr 

2nd Week 

Friday – 1.31 cr 

Saturday – 2.42 cr 

Sunday – 2.87 cr 

Monday – 0.70 cr 

Tuesday – 0.69 cr 

Wednesday – 0.71 cr 

Thursday – 0.70 cr 

Total 2nd Week – 9.40 cr 

3rd Week

Friday – 0.40 cr

Saturday – 0.75 cr

Sunday – 1.05 cr

Monday – 0.30 cr

Tuesday – 0.28 cr

Wednesday – 0.30 cr

Thursday – 0.32 cr

Total – 29.82 cr

Week 1: 17.02 cr
Week 2: 9.40 cr
Week 3: 3.40 cr
Total: 29.82 cr

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