Exclusive: John Wick 4 Becomes First Hollywood Hit Film In India Of 2023, Hits 132 Million USD In USA & 250 Million USD Worldwide In Two Weeks

In less than two weeks of release, ‘John Wick Chapter 4’ has passed the $250 million mark at the global box office. The fourth installment in the hit action franchise has made $132 million domestically, and $122 million in overseas territories, putting it on course to eventually overtake ‘John Wick Chapter 3’’s $171 million domestic and $327 million worldwide gross to become the series’ biggest hit.

John Wick 4 set franchise records in its opening weekend, when it grossed $73 million domestically and $137 million worldwide. It dropped rather heavily in its second weekend, grossing $28.3 million domestically. That being said, the film has already overtaken the first John Wicks’s $86 million worldwide haul, and Chapter 2’s $171 million worldwide gross. Globally, its biggest territories are the U.K. ($12 million), Germany (10 million), Mexico ($8.5 million), Australia ($8.5 million) and Russia ($7.1 million).

In addition to being the longest film in the series, John Wick 4 is also the franchise’s best-reviewed installment, going by aggregator Rotten Tomatoes’ metrics. It currently sits at a “fresh” 94% rating on the website. Meanwhile, Collider’s called it the “most ambitious, goofy, and thrilling” film of the series in his glowing review.

John Wick Chapter 4 Emerges Hit Film In India

Film opened in paid previews and took expected fantastic start. Film crossed 2.50 nett which meant a good growth over weekend which was bound to happen as there was no big competition from Bollywood or regional films.

On Friday and over weekend film has collected more numbers in India than combined total of all new and hold over releases. Film crossed 6.25 cr nett which means 8.75 cr nett total including paid previews. In Saturday film jumped big and collected 9 cr nett. On Sunday again film posted a solid number of 9 cr nett. 

Film has weekend total of 26.75 cr nett India which makes it first super hit Hollywood film in India in 2023. Film collected 36.25 cr nett in week one with decent holds on weekdays. 

Film held super strong and collected 1.50 cr nett on 2nd Friday followed by massive jump on 2nd Saturday. Film jumped by 80% and collected 2.75 cr nett. Film collected 3.25 cr nett on Sunday. Film added 5 cr nett on weekdays in 2nd week.

Film has crossed 48.75 cr nett in two weeks and it is certain to cross 50 cr nett lifetime in India. First bonafide Hollywood hit in 2023!

Following are the collections for the film in India: 

Week 1: 

Thursday: 2.50 cr (paid previews)

Friday: 6.25 cr 

Saturday: 9 cr 

Sunday: 9 cr 

Monday: 2.75 cr 

Tuesday: 2.50 cr 

Wednesday: 2 cr 

Thursday: 2.25 cr 

Total Week One: 36.25 cr nett 

Week 2: 

Friday: 1.50 cr 

Saturday: 2.75 cr

Sunday: 3.25 cr

Weekdays: 5 cr

Total: 48.75 cr nett

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